Amzer Crusta for Apple iPhone 6 Plus UnBoxing & Installation

As you will know from my previous posts on cases and protection fro my phones I am generally speaking a fan and user of tough cases, the OtterBox Defender, OtterBox Preserver and Griffin Survivor would normally factor in my top 5 cases.  Although one lazy Sunday morning a Facebook advertisement for an ‘Amzer Crusta’ case appeared on my news feed.  It was being marketed as a tough case with a build in tempered glass cover (front and rear) thus maintaining the feeling and a lot of the looks of a ‘naked’ iPhone.  The obvious exception being the large bumper round it!

I was intrigued enough to look closer and although Amzer as a brand didn’t appear to be overly familiar in the UK it did seem to have a good customer base in the USA, which seemed to be fairly positive.  So I ordered one.


That video was made mid November 2014 and it is now 30/12/2014 and I can confirm that the case still looks as new, there isn’t a single scuff or mark on it. The screen is still crystal clear as is the rear backing. One noticeable change is ‘film-marking.’ I have just made that word up but basically the invisible shield and the clear tempered glass rear of the case don’t work perfectly together, it leaves a film like appearance underneath the tempered glass. This is common when two shields come in contact with each other and to be honest the effect is negligible to me.

The camera is completely unaffected by the case and all in all this is a quality bit of kit I will have no problems buying again, or more likely buying a new different coloured bumper. I mention in the video a little dust got under the scree, well it is still there but again it now effectively unnoticeable.

The TouchID Sensor works perfectly.

This is a quality case and well worth looking at if you are looking a tough case. The one element it will not protect from is water so if that is an issue for you you would have to try elsewhere.

Unboxing Gallery :

 photo P1090702_zps4538adfd.jpg photo P1090703_zps4588cca2.jpg photo P1090706_zpscc1a62ac.jpg

 photo P1090707_zpsd78d4ac8.jpg photo P1090708_zps69eb6b34.jpg photo P1090710_zps6295e2f4.jpg

 photo P1090712_zps3298f9fe.jpg photo P1090713_zps9b820a4a.jpg photo P1090714_zpsf8ef3e1a.jpg

 photo P1090715_zps62459ca7.jpg photo P1090717_zps6a459f6b.jpg photo P1090718_zps0b264e4d.jpg

 photo P1090719_zps24738d71.jpg photo P1090720_zps52fa0976.jpg photo P1090722_zps470a0763.jpg

 photo P1090723_zps0c43ef45.jpg photo P1090724_zps2f25f4bd.jpg photo P1090725_zps26b84a6c.jpg

 photo P1090726_zpsf0d8ec15.jpg photo P1090727_zps2f6e41b6.jpg photo P1090728_zps022b4085.jpg

 photo P1090729_zpsd86413fa.jpg photo P1090730_zpsbe939678.jpg photo P1090732_zps8aab76bf.jpg

 photo P1090733_zps18637ef4.jpg photo P1090734_zps2b211505.jpg photo P1090735_zps787eeccd.jpg

 photo P1090736_zps3b3bdcc9.jpg photo P1090738_zps5bb9addf.jpg


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