Solar Eclipse : 20th March 2015 : Northern Ireland :

The Solar Event of the decade is how it has been described and this morning from about 8.30 am until almost 10.00 am a partial solar eclipse occurred over our skies. The previous two days could only be described as glorious in relation to the weather so it was very disappointing to wake up to a grey, overcast and ultimately rainy morning.

Obviously the eclipse won’t stop on account of the weather however a small miracle occurred and just as the eclipse was reaching its maximum point a little break opened up in the clouds giving a good view of the event and even letting me snap a few photos :

 photo P1090943_zpsl3vsik0r.jpg photo P1090968_zps2vhucgyz.jpg photo P1090936_zpsuclsdbrn.jpg

 photo P1090940_zps3khezg8j.jpg photo P1090957_zpspiyqtxv8.jpg photo P1090963_zpswjj3jei3.jpg

 photo P1090966_zpsfiqwljla.jpg photo P1090971_zps9yla9jbt.jpg

I also put together a time lapse video, unfortunately the cloud cover is too much for my GoPro but it does show the difference in light quite nicely and let’s face it time lapse videos are cool! Check it out here : (The water does get dried off giving a proper view when the rain stops)



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