Grip Puppies Installation – BMW F800GS Adventure

Grip Puppies

Grip Puppies are a well regarded, and cheap, addon for your bike that is designed to increase grip and improve comfort mainly by cutting down the vibrations that travel along the handlebars, through your hands and into your arms, often leaving you with that horrid tingling feeling when you get off the bike.

Coming in at a mere £15 they are definitely worth considering.  I have had them on my bike for about 1500 miles and at this stage I can confirm that they absolutely increase comfort and decrease shaky hands at the end of a trip (or even earlier).  For me they don’t eliminate the sensation completely, but they definitely cut it down and ‘recovery’ time is far less.  That has to be a bonus!

There is one negative, if you have heated grips these will decrease the efficiency of them.  The heated grips will still work but it will take noticeably longer for the heat to reach you and they will appear to have a reduced temperature.

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G Shock GD-120-CM-4ER Unboxing

G Shock GD-120-CM-4ER Unboxing

The latest G-Shock to my collection, and a lovely birthday present, is the Red Camo GD-120-CM-4ER. With its large face (one of the XL sizes) and reverse display it has instantly become one of my favourite Gs. Also without doubt it gets the most positive reaction of any of my watches, so far with universal approval from everyone who has spotted it. Having worn it daily for almost a month I have no complaints, the strap has kept its design flawlessly, my only rather minor gripe is that the retaining band, like most gets stained, what starts out as a nice bright red quickly becomes dull and almost dirty looking. Thankfully it is a minor issue, and one that would rarely ever be seen. The important aspect being the strap so far is holding out flawlessly. One final thing, this is not a discreet watch, however Im pretty sure you already know that!

By way of information, in relation to replacements and repairs, a new strap and bezel will be costly, coming in at around £55 for both delivered from Casio.

Wear it, enjoy it!

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Solar Eclipse : 20th March 2015 : Northern Ireland :

Solar Eclipse UK Northern Ireland 20th March 2015

The Solar Event of the decade is how it has been described and this morning from about 8.30 am until almost 10.00 am a partial solar eclipse occurred over our skies. The previous two days could only be described as glorious in relation to the weather so it was very disappointing to wake up to a grey, overcast and ultimately rainy morning.

Obviously the eclipse won’t stop on account of the weather however a small miracle occurred and just as the eclipse was reaching its maximum point a little break opened up in the clouds giving a good view of the event and even letting me snap a few photos :

 photo P1090943_zpsl3vsik0r.jpg photo P1090968_zps2vhucgyz.jpg photo P1090936_zpsuclsdbrn.jpg

 photo P1090940_zps3khezg8j.jpg photo P1090957_zpspiyqtxv8.jpg photo P1090963_zpswjj3jei3.jpg

 photo P1090966_zpsfiqwljla.jpg photo P1090971_zps9yla9jbt.jpg

I also put together a time lapse video, unfortunately the cloud cover is too much for my GoPro but it does show the difference in light quite nicely and let’s face it time lapse videos are cool! Check it out here : (The water does get dried off giving a proper view when the rain stops)


PlayStation Mobile Store Set to Close July 2015 :

Playstation Mobile Set to Close @015

PlayStation Mobile is/was a store for the PS Vita certain Android smartphones, which enabled the purchase and download of indie games and some PlayStation classics. Unfortunately in July 2015, Sony will completely close this service down. Playstation Mobile came to being in October 2012.

Sony has stated that as of September 10th, previously purchased games won’t be able to be downloaded again.

You will however still be able to play games you have downloaded as long as you activate your device. Details on how to Activate can be found on the Sony Website here : PlayStation website.

It’s believed that the shutdown is due to a poor adoption rate, and comes as no real shock as Sony dropped support for Android phones running 4.4.3 or newer in 2014.

The good news is Remote Play will be unaffected and PS Vita owners will still be able to mirror PS4 games when connected to the same network.

Looking further into this is seems this only affects the Playstation Mobile Stores – the store focused on Indie Games and PS Classics, so hopefully the full PS Store will continue to support new PS Vita games and the downloading of them! Hopefully?!?