21/05/2015 Riut Bag – Safer Urban Travel

So I was lucky enough to see the Riut Bag at the Gadget Show Live 2015, and I was very impressed. A simple but brilliant concept, a bag made for travellers that makes the stuff inside safer. How? By having no zips on the outside, so unlucky pick pockets, opportunistic thieves and other general scum, this bag makes your pathetic little lives that little bit harder.

I think what makes this even cooler is the fact that it is a successful Kickstarter Campaign, an invention by someone with an idea, who pitched it to the world and the world said yes!

So there we have it a great concept, now how does the inventor make us want one, well she makes it desirable by making it good looking and even more desirable by making it practicable.

And this is the feature list the inventor has packed into one back pack that makes it practicable…

RiutBag specifications

– No outer zips, they are all against your back
– 20 litre capacity, weight 1.06kg
– Holds up to 15 inch laptop: 16.14 inch or 41 cm diagonal measurement across outer laptop case
– Invisible strap lengths
– Waterproof material: base and outer shell
– Sturdy handle and hook for hanging
– Hidden ticket pocket in each strap
– Foam lined throughout for comfort and protection
– Water bottle holders: up to 750ml capacity
– Adjustable chest strap
– One model available
– One colour available

I have had mine now for a couple of weeks and use it regularly. It is great, very useable, very comfortable, study and well put together. It looks slick, and has been commented on many times. It will be getting a tougher test soon though as it will be travelling over 1500 miles on the back of a motorcycle very shortly in a country that is notoriously wet – Ireland! So we will have a good idea of its durability then!

I can’t understand why any bag has exposed zips, but hey-ho this one is on track to be a winner!

My UnPacking Gallery :

 photo P1100472_zpsuggktafp.jpg photo P1100473_zpswsye8rej.jpg photo P1100474_zpslk15rxfo.jpg

 photo P1100475_zpsou0wjfde.jpg photo P1100476_zpsed0sooky.jpg photo P1100477_zpsedpywhrz.jpg

 photo P1100478_zpso3jpazih.jpg photo P1100479_zpsgjvnslo0.jpg photo P1100480_zps8iqfkxny.jpg

 photo P1100481_zpsv8tsqivr.jpg photo P1100482_zpsjrdpv1hi.jpg photo P1100483_zps3muv3vyl.jpg

 photo P1100484_zpsjmqb8gyh.jpg photo P1100485_zps5fes7ywl.jpg photo P1100486_zpsle54q521.jpg

 photo P1100489_zpsvvbocddh.jpg photo P1100491_zpsluv9q2h0.jpg photo P1100493_zps5bvbrnfi.jpg

 photo P1100494_zpskalch4dn.jpg


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