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Being one of the customers who didn’t preorder a watch I had to wait until the instore reservation and pickup service started. I was a bit more clued in for this than I was for the preorder so on Day One I reserved an Apple Watch Sport, with a silver bezel and blue strap. I went down to the Apple Store in Belfast, where for the first time I was met with little to no enthusiasm and it seemed like a chore for me to be trying on a Watch. So removing this first poor customer service experience from the equation I tried on an Apple Watch Sport, with the Space Grey bezel and realised I had made a mistake in the watch I ordered. There was allegedly no watches to swap my reservation out with, and I would just have to try again when the reservations opened if I wanted a Space Grey 42mm watch. That was the explanation I was given however it was muffled by sighs and grunts from the sales person. I deliberately have not used the title Apple Genius, because this person was more like a bored TV Sales person, not at all what I have come accustomed to from the Apple Store in my many years of being a customer. Anyway that’s all I have to or need to say on that. I went back home and at 6am the following morning tried out for a reservation of the 42mm Space Grey Apple Watch Sport and low and behold it was available. There must have been a late night or very early morning stock delivery, as my collection appointment the following night was for 20:30 hrs to 21:00 hrs and the store closed at 21:00 hrs. I scheduled in for collection the later that afternoon, went in, collected it and thankfully was met by the usual impeccable customer service from the Genius who helped me out this time. I get it, sometimes people have a bad day, and thats fine, all is forgiven, we’ll put it down as a bad day. So I got home, did my usual unboxing gallery and have been playing with it for the last 10 days (ish). Thoughts and Opinions : There are many many reviews out there, that were much more on the ball that I was in relation to getting the device at release, so rather than review it I am going to give the points I have found about it through my personal usage. For reference I am an iMac user, an iPad user, iPhone user, iPod Nano user (on the go) and an iPod user (in the car). I am all tooled up as far as Apple goes. I use the iCloud for backups, but do not use it for Photo storage / backup. I don’t have any music on my phone, and use iMessage across all devices. I have my email synced on them all but managed from the iMac, so by deleting something on the phone it will still come to my iMac. 1. It is expensive. And because of its price AppleCare in my opinion is essential. So for a 42mm Apple Watch Sport, realistically you are looking at spending £380. 2. It looks amazing. 3. The battery – this is the most talked about feature, for me however it hasn’t become an issue, I work long shifts, for example regularly work 0800 – 0000 and I come home with plenty of juice left, over 30% without issue. 4. However in relation to the above I haven’t used it to control music yet, if you do that expect the battery life to shorten. 5. The fitness app is great, I use it along with the Nike Running App and it works very well, giving you all your info with a quick glance at the watch. 6. The heartbeat monitor although sometimes throwing out a suspect reading seems pretty good, and it syncs automatically with the Health App on your phone. 7. The faces are very limited in my opinion for males, but customisable, however the flowers, butterflies etc aren’t overly desirable, for me anyway. More watch faces are a must, and I know we are getting some cityscapes in the OS update for Watch 2.0. 8. The limited replying options for messages and emails is a big downfall for me. However I think as far as watches go I am not too sure how achievable a working solution is. The Siri dictated replies are a great option, although it is quite likely that more often or not you will not be in a position where you can start talking to your watch. How useful would a keyboard on such a small screen be though? This is one for the designers and tech heads to sort out! 9. There are loads more options out there in the form of good usable Smart Watches at much less money, having used a Pebble Watch, you are getting similar functionality at a fraction of the price, without the glamour, a week of battery life, watch resistance, but much less wow factor, I suppose it all depends on what you want. The Apple Watch is a great device, but there are other great options out there. If you are all about the Apple then you won’t be disappointed, it is a quality looking, well designed device that works seamlessly with all your other gear. If you are just after a Smart Watch to see what they are all about read up on other options and have a look at your budget. Remember though the ‘bad’ points I have raised such as replying to text messages etc, no other watch does that, so if you are happy talking to Siri to have your replies composed, this is a winner for you. Smart Watches are still in their infancy, and will continue to evolve. The App store is getting more great stuff daily and I predict that by the time of the Apple Watch 3, we will be looking at a device as common as the iPhone. Apple Watch Sport UnBoxing Gallery :  photo P1100775_zpsubzmkpgs.jpg photo P1100776_zpsaikd7x10.jpg photo P1100778_zpse7am6q2b.jpg  photo P1100779_zpsod7r6iol.jpg photo P1100781_zpsovmp7gkp.jpg  photo P1100783_zpsp7vitrix.jpg photo P1100784_zpsy7yproeo.jpg photo P1100785_zpsfrjwxudf.jpg  photo P1100786_zps96mqj22s.jpg photo P1100787_zpsstchmmjd.jpg photo P1100788_zpsygv3aaqn.jpg  photo P1100789_zpsgkhf5gm4.jpg photo P1100790_zpsjgbc2edx.jpg photo P1100791_zpslxt2jorh.jpg  photo P1100792_zpsddoymehg.jpg photo P1100793_zpsgsvk9fho.jpg photo P1100794_zps10nqn5gx.jpg  photo P1100795_zpsqqsdbajo.jpg


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