2015 Airwaves Portrush : NI International Air Show – Gallery

2015 marks the second year of Air Waves, the rebranded Northern Ireland International Air Show.  2014 was an excellent year for this show with quality aircraft and outstanding displays so this year has a lot to live up to.  With in my opinion even more pressure on its shoulders because of a rather disappointing airshow earlier this year in Newcastle, Co. Down.

So Airwaves 2015 can you do it?

Yes you can.  Everything was in favour of the airshow this year most importantly the weather, over the weekend we experienced a little wind on the Saturday but it settled itself, Sunday started off a little wet and grey but as you will see from the gallery as the day went on, the weather also started to thankfully behave itself!

The venue still located at the East Strand, Portrush is excellent, with the back drop of the world famous Giant’s Causeway what more could you want?

Last year I made the following comments…

1. The event was excellent.
2. The range of aircraft was fantastic.
3. The sight of the 2 Lancaster Bombers was simply outstanding.
4. The display from the Red Arrows was amazing! This was their 50th Anniversary display and although they are always worth watching, this display is something special!
5. The other aircraft were all amazing, and being a fan of helicopters I certainly was treated well!
6. The rest of the events organised for families, visitors and spectators were good and I have no doubt will improve as the years go on.

I am certainly looking forward to the show again next year!


And this year I say them all again… with a few changes :

  1.  Thew event was excellent.
  2.  The range of aircraft was excellent, this year had more fast jets, which is always good!
  3.  No Lancaster Bombers, but the Typhoon returned.  WOW!
  4.  Red Arrows again = WOW
  5.  The other aircraft were as always outstanding, however with notably more fast jets, I noticed less in the way of helicopters.
  6.  Well organised again, however traffic and parking is becoming an issue, so arrive early and get parked and settled and enjoy the day!

2015 Ariwaves Portrush : NI International Airshow Gallery : For anyone interested all photos were taken using a Panasonic Lumix TZ30 – NO Editting has occurred.  All images were resized to 30% of their original for uploading and some photos have been cropped for better image composition.

 photo P1110318_zpskmmg2swt.jpg photo P1110319_zpscc07cyph.jpg photo P1110320_zpsimrb5k2i.jpg
 photo P1110321_zps6ghniatm.jpg photo P1110322_zpstda4lrun.jpg photo P1110323_zps0qwvtqtd.jpg
 photo P1110324_zpsqempjcvp.jpg photo P1110328_zpsiienglge.jpg photo P1110329_zpsgtqv7xin.jpg
 photo P1110330_zps9ezzpctv.jpg photo P1110332_zps7trlx6be.jpg photo P1110333_zps62xwlibk.jpg
 photo P1110336_zpsqohdckfk.jpg photo P1110337_zpsog5foyi0.jpg photo P1110339_zpsurvnkkve.jpg
 photo P1110341_zpsa8qi5my5.jpg photo P1110342_zpsmqzxanw3.jpg photo P1110344_zps4k4dpjj5.jpg
 photo P1110345_zpsqb9g78ig.jpg photo P1110346_zps6mmb4cfj.jpg photo P1110348_zpsz7hmfs5v.jpg
 photo P1110349_zpskjalfhiy.jpg photo P1110350_zpssdosvduz.jpg photo P1110351_zpssz3pklhs.jpg
 photo P1110352_zpsylhsxg7w.jpg photo P1110353_zpsvwcsfm9n.jpg photo P1110355_zpswzgrxguh.jpg
 photo P1110356_zps7wwstoiz.jpg photo P1110360_zpsn879hjos.jpg photo P1110363_zpsjgpj7vow.jpg
 photo P1110364_zpstokzfezs.jpg photo P1110366_zpschhmozqa.jpg photo P1110368_zpswdtuao5s.jpg
 photo P1110370_zpsedr1pk8e.jpg photo P1110371_zps4awyiecf.jpg photo P1110372_zpsmjm8o4lk.jpg
 photo P1110376_zpsfcyly6bp.jpg photo P1110377_zpsjdf2tgin.jpg photo P1110378_zpswjsjbyvb.jpg
 photo P1110380_zpscs7bzhib.jpg photo P1110384_zpstf7uy6zl.jpg photo P1110385_zpsd9yd4if6.jpg
 photo P1110387_zpssgdmcz60.jpg photo P1110389_zpswmio9ezc.jpg photo P1110391_zpsazzcbmrm.jpg
 photo P1110392_zpsfsyjvxqv.jpg photo P1110397_zpsyc4aj87v.jpg photo P1110400_zps5cmchugy.jpg
 photo P1110401_zpsprzmzu08.jpg photo P1110405_zpsrivddkbk.jpg photo P1110406_zpseingq7pf.jpg
 photo P1110411_zpsvzwswpse.jpg photo P1110412_zpsgjw98axw.jpg photo P1110413_zpszz4r2a0i.jpg
 photo P1110414_zps5jfjasty.jpg photo P1110416_zpschwjpqhw.jpg photo P1110417_zps6u97srs1.jpg
 photo P1110420_zpspqo40xqu.jpg photo P1110421_zpsif5qunmz.jpg photo P1110425_zpshx17pslp.jpg
 photo P1110430_zpsed7xa3g2.jpg photo P1110432_zps3nfrguux.jpg photo P1110433_zpseeljad92.jpg
 photo P1110437_zpsivkdgn23.jpg photo P1110442_zpsyns0p2ik.jpg photo P1110443_zps7xvqfmvv.jpg
 photo P1110447_zpselri7quu.jpg photo P1110449_zps6ujzd09i.jpg photo P1110450_zps1r98tewo.jpg
 photo P1110451_zpsvgbrogjw.jpg photo P1110452_zpso4qgkhuf.jpg photo P1110456_zpsjxwcx58i.jpg
 photo P1110460_zpssp1str6f.jpg photo P1110461_zpssibiglrf.jpg photo P1110462_zpsfx1lgumc.jpg
 photo P1110463_zpst0puqcci.jpg photo P1110464_zpslbttwlej.jpg photo P1110465_zpsilzusd1w.jpg
 photo P1110466_zpsyhm8hy4m.jpg photo P1110467_zps6svgiik2.jpg photo P1110468_zpsndv01zwj.jpg
 photo P1110470_zpsv0c4jemp.jpg photo P1110471_zpspugunm0v.jpg photo P1110472_zpsmmidee10.jpg
 photo P1110474_zpsd52gaa95.jpg photo P1110475_zpszr6er9o1.jpg photo P1110477_zpsvc7kxomg.jpg
 photo P1110479_zpsza5spdsp.jpg photo P1110481_zpsmxwrxogj.jpg photo P1110482_zpsyc7lsm0w.jpg
 photo P1110483_zpsqrvvbgcf.jpg photo P1110484_zpsb2eekvu4.jpg photo P1110485_zpswl6m3iky.jpg
 photo P1110486_zpstxrqwydr.jpg photo P1110487_zps3otpac8j.jpg photo P1110488_zpsdvwtcgzi.jpg
 photo P1110489_zpsoessfwa8.jpg photo P1110490_zpssapagmrt.jpg photo P1110491_zps0mgwzngi.jpg
 photo P1110492_zpso0igrjls.jpg photo P1110493_zpstzjwejyg.jpg photo P1110495_zps1kcgyymo.jpg
 photo P1110497_zpsd5copmsj.jpg photo P1110498_zpsxvsaqfdy.jpg photo P1110499_zpsijun4xrf.jpg
 photo P1110500_zpsiq1hyzgf.jpg photo P1110502_zpsouydmelj.jpg photo P1110503_zpsa00gmvl6.jpg
 photo P1110504_zpsvc1m1yb5.jpg photo P1110505_zpsfptyeszc.jpg photo P1110507_zps28yjoasw.jpg
 photo P1110509_zpspdragxts.jpg photo P1110510_zps8cj0cqgn.jpg photo P1110511_zpsszsnjewg.jpg
 photo P1110512_zpsc2z4o9t9.jpg photo P1110514_zpsvaecreb5.jpg photo P1110515_zpshbhdssnc.jpg
 photo P1110516_zpskzoor0tt.jpg photo P1110518_zpsbnwcgeeg.jpg photo P1110519_zpsx89irzvm.jpg
 photo P1110521_zps6ja61vov.jpg photo P1110522_zpsq6ggr75c.jpg photo P1110525_zpsq92utyzf.jpg
 photo P1110526_zpszzf9iqb4.jpg photo P1110528_zpsamb2rfky.jpg photo P1110530_zpsoaokpfps.jpg
 photo P1110532_zpscnsl2efa.jpg photo P1110534_zpsotq6eu4s.jpg photo P1110538_zpsqarlytdm.jpg
 photo P1110542_zpsnui0hfpt.jpg photo P1110543_zpsmgbgzz3h.jpg photo P1110544_zpsquc9qjyd.jpg
 photo P1110545_zps5e3r3xqh.jpg photo P1110548_zpsezq2lyse.jpg photo P1110551_zpsvkdhwguz.jpg
 photo P1110552_zpspnqfb1j4.jpg photo P1110553_zpstkxmnx6f.jpg photo P1110554_zps6mgq3jty.jpg
 photo P1110555_zps1kapyngl.jpg photo P1110556_zps7peic3nh.jpg photo P1110557_zpsru1fa0ki.jpg
 photo P1110558_zpsxnexxxjr.jpg photo P1110560_zpscivxfq07.jpg photo P1110562_zpsdh2t6jgc.jpg
 photo P1110563_zpsgfmwcgzk.jpg photo P1110564_zpsbxl8cjne.jpg photo P1110566_zpsl5hvwmu5.jpg
 photo P1110567_zpsnwxvfnqk.jpg photo P1110570_zpsiezudwrs.jpg photo P1110571_zps98uqzrji.jpg
 photo P1110574_zpstzyu08yo.jpg photo P1110575_zps3zspmd4l.jpg photo P1110576_zpsgp6x4o2b.jpg
 photo P1110577_zps5gfgmo5l.jpg photo P1110581_zpsz4l341jr.jpg photo P1110582_zpshtctob7d.jpg
 photo P1110583_zpsfnk3xpk8.jpg photo P1110584_zps66z1zvj2.jpg


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