#WAWIn1Week : Wild Atlantic Way In 1 Week : Day 3– Ballybunion to Clifden.

Wednesday 29th July 2015 and we are at Day 3 of the #WAWIn1Week. Today’s route takes me from Ballybunion, Co. Kerry to Clifden, Co. Galway. My initial planning had worked today out to be somewhere around 205 miles, however again I underestimated a bit and it clocked up at closer to 270 miles.

WAWIn1Week - Ballybunion to Clifden - Day 3
WAWIn1Week – Ballybunion to Clifden – Day 3

One thing that makes this leg a little different is that you have the option of getting on a boat, this is a good idea as it will keep you away from Limerick, which is big, busy and is going to take up a good bit of time to pass through, either of the ferries will keep you motoring on and keep you on track staying on the coast.

Wild Atlantic Way - Farewell Co. Kerry
Wild Atlantic Way – Farewell Co. Kerry

It was another long day in the saddle, with few breaks, other than at the signature points, of which there were three today, namely :

  1.  Loop Head.
  2. Cliffs of Moher.
  3. Derrigimlagh.

Loop Head :

Wild Atlantic Way - Loop Head
Wild Atlantic Way – Loop Head

At the western tip of County Clare, where the calm waters of the Shannon Estuary turn into the powerful waves of the Atlantic, you’ll find Loop Head Peninsula. Travel along Loop Head Drive to the western end of the peninsula to see its famous lighthouse, which sits on land dotted with colourful wild flowers. You can climb to the top of the lighthouse and take in splendid views that stretch from County Kerry to the Cliffs of Moher. At the very end of the peninsula there is also a relic from WWII: large white letters spelling É-I-R-E, which let pilots know they were entering neutral airspace. This area is a wildlife haven too, with thousands of seabirds making their nests on the rock ledges and an estimated 160 bottlenose dolphins living in the mouth of the Shannon River. If you’d like to see these majestic animals up close, you can take a boat trip from Carrigaholt, or follow the road from Kilrush to Aylevarro Point to see them playing just offshore.

Cliffs of Moher :

Wild Atlantic Way - Cliffs of Moher
Wild Atlantic Way – Cliffs of Moher

The iconic Cliffs of Moher are one of Ireland’s most visited natural attractions. Stretching for 8km along the Atlantic coast of Clare, the cliffs reach 214m at their highest point at Knockardakin. Midway along the cliffs you’ll find the environmentally friendly visitor centre set into the hillside. Here, you can also discover O’Brien’s Tower, a 19th-century viewing tower, and access 800m of protected cliff-side pathways with viewing areas. There are many vantage points from which to admire the awe-inspiring Cliffs of Moher. From the main platform, you can see the south cliffs toward Hag’s Head, a natural rocky promontory that resembles a seated woman. From the North Platform, you can spot An Branán Mór sea stack, home of guillemots and razorbills, as well as the Aran Islands and, if the conditions are right, the famous surfing wave known as ‘Aileen’s’. Continue on about 5km from here and you’ll arrive in the village of Doolin. And if you’d like to see the puffins that reside on Goat Island instead, head for the South Platform.

Derrigimlagh :

Wild Atlantic Way - Derrigimlagh Bog
Wild Atlantic Way – Derrigimlagh Bog

You can hire a bike in Connemara’s largest town, Clifden, and set out on one of the area’s cycle routes which brings you through the townland of Derrigimlagh on quiet country roads. Your journey will take you by the blanket bog, a stunning mosaic of tiny lakes and peat, where you can stop and view two sites of international historical significance. First, you’ll pass the scattered remnants of the world’s first permanent transatlantic radio station. It was built more than a century ago by Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi and transmitted the first transatlantic radio signal in 1907. At its peak, the station employed several hundred people who helped transmit news across the ocean. It burned to the ground during the Irish War of Independence, but you can still view the vast site where many foundations of the buildings and workers’ houses remain. Nearby you’ll also come across a white memorial in the shape of an aeroplane wing, which pays tribute to John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown. In 1919, Alcock and Brown were the first pilots to fly non-stop across the Atlantic, before they crash-landed (safely) in Derrigimlagh Bog.

The WAW is really starting to open up now at this point, the roads are now noticeably better, much more open and the traffic is less, meaning making progress is getting easier.  Of course there is still the odd oblivious motorist about but thats a given now.

The marketing people are using all along the route is clever as well, take this spot for example it is Ireland’s closest bar to New York City… I like it!

Wild Atlantic Way - Ireland's Closest Bar to New York City
Wild Atlantic Way – Ireland’s Closest Bar to New York City

This section of the WAW also takes you through (briefly) The Burren, and boyso is it grey?  It’s pretty spectacular looking too though…

Wild Atlantic Way - The Burren
Wild Atlantic Way – The Burren

You’ll also get some brilliant mountain range views in this leg, in my opinion some of the best of the trip…

Wild Atlantic Way - Mountain Range
Wild Atlantic Way – Mountain Range

The Cliffs of Moher are probably one of the most popular spots on this entire route, and with good reason, they are spectacular!  As such a Visitor Centre is currently popping up, and it is very similar to the one at the Giant’s Causeway.  It costs a few Euro for a bike to park and it is well worth it, expect it to be very busy on a good day, full of people from all over the world, the road to the Cliffs is therefore of course pretty busy, bare with it though as the rest of this route is pretty free flowing and you should be able to make up any lost time relatively easily.  Honestly though the Cliffs are outstanding.   Enjoy!

Wild Atlantic Way - Cliffs of Moher Visitor Centre
Wild Atlantic Way – Cliffs of Moher Visitor Centre
Wild Atlantic Way - Cliffs of Moher Visitor Centre Entrance
Wild Atlantic Way – Cliffs of Moher Visitor Centre Entrance

The Accommodation : Sheramore House B&B

So today I had to miss the last point again, go off the route and get the B&B to meet their check in times.  The B&B itself is a bit out of Clifden but it is right on the WAW so that makes it pretty perfect.  As you will read in a second or two I am also pretty glad it was out of the main Clifton Town area.  Again I was lucky with the weather and got checked in and straight back out onto the route to ‘go backwards’ to where I went off the route to take in the Derryimlagh Bog.  The B&B itself was great, spotless, friendly and comfortable.  The room had its own TV, en-suite of course and the wifi was quick, making updating my sites a gift as well as being able to chill out and watch a bit of Sky TV on the iPad.  The owner was friendly and talkative and this is another B&B I can easily recommend.  One problem though was parking.  The house is on a steep hill, however the parking areas are flat, the problem is they are gravel so not ideal.  Workable but not ideal.

Unfortunately as far as Clifton goes I was not impressed.  I got the impression that it is in no way Biker Friendly.  The first bar I went into for food was buzzing, I stood about like an idiot as member of staff after member of staff just ignored me.  After getting fed up and asking for a menu was told I was too late for food.  That itself is fine, but why did I have to go begging for service whilst being ignored by staff who were doing damn all?  A similar story occurred in the second pub I went into and the third, wow the looks I got when I walked in just made me walk straight back out again.  I will never stay here again, it is an absolute pass through town and find the next, no doubt more friendly spot.

I ended up eating in Papa John’s Pizza Shop and credit where it is due it was a great pizza, the guys and girls working there were great, friendly and pleasant a welcome change to the rest of Clifden.

Gallery :

 photo IMG_9289_zpsgdtkr26s.jpg photo IMG_9291_zpsnmmvvdja.jpg photo IMG_9292_zpsvc5upebw.jpg
 photo IMG_9293_zpskrqhzwqk.jpg photo IMG_9294_zpstqxy54xl.jpg photo IMG_9295_zps9xj0t8qy.jpg
 photo IMG_9296_zpse4quw6ts.jpg photo IMG_9303_zps0fiy0hmj.jpg photo IMG_9304_zpswymzf03v.jpg
 photo IMG_9305_zpsfgrjqrau.jpg photo IMG_9307_zps1zw1br0h.jpg photo P1110050_zpsnugkmbe2.jpg
 photo IMG_9309_zpsco7lma0z.jpg photo IMG_9310_zpsdchpnskk.jpg photo IMG_9312_zpsqaj0zgie.jpg
 photo IMG_9314_zpsyw1tzqqv.jpg photo IMG_9315_zpsy3bdabty.jpg photo IMG_9316_zpsokhxcvni.jpg
 photo IMG_9317_zpsruqoxzwb.jpg photo IMG_9318_zpsefmtsjjd.jpg photo IMG_9319_zps0lgco7ik.jpg
 photo IMG_9320_zps9jv5hroa.jpg photo IMG_9321_zpspodgacfi.jpg photo P1110052_zpsrmdfodwb.jpg
 photo P1110053_zpsfoirz3dv.jpg photo P1110054_zpszlzq2yiy.jpg photo P1110055_zpstkr6vvju.jpg
 photo P1110056_zpsyrarrjkx.jpg photo IMG_9328_zps7gv8vvgp.jpg photo P1110057_zpsxwesjwwf.jpg
 photo IMG_9334_zpscezdnaoy.jpg photo P1110058_zpsirxjgxh3.jpg photo P1110059_zpslgemvjlf.jpg
 photo P1110060_zpsj6czqj2n.jpg photo P1110061_zpskuco76xf.jpg photo P1110062_zpsclqf698l.jpg
 photo IMG_9336_zpsvtbqiqze.jpg photo P1110063_zpszvp9zsnp.jpg photo P1110064_zps1mpbgntj.jpg
 photo P1110065_zpsvdbeje6d.jpg photo P1110066_zpsgu38i4za.jpg photo P1110067_zpsdugouz6n.jpg
 photo P1110068_zpsf9bfyt95.jpg photo P1110069_zpsc97jtkit.jpg photo P1110070_zpsgwmcqtr6.jpg
 photo P1110071_zpsokofsccn.jpg photo P1110072_zpsdubhwsfv.jpg photo P1110073_zpsvrnjkqpl.jpg
 photo P1110074_zpswzy0f447.jpg photo IMG_9340_zpsp0qi9qcc.jpg photo IMG_9341_zpsi1k9kqyr.jpg
 photo IMG_9342_zpsg3xszlk1.jpg photo IMG_9345_zpsnibznena.jpg photo IMG_9347_zpsqv5qjzwy.jpg
 photo IMG_9351_zpso93eslfv.jpg photo IMG_9352_zpsyf9ka2es.jpg photo IMG_9353_zpspy7wpbhm.jpg
 photo IMG_9354_zpslrnxha0s.jpg photo IMG_9357_zpsdgegibuy.jpg photo IMG_9359_zpsfhdd7p5f.jpg
 photo IMG_9363_zpsnb4ejxk3.jpg photo P1110075_zpsysiinab2.jpg photo P1110076_zpss2dbqp3l.jpg
 photo P1110077_zpsiycwspqh.jpg photo P1110078_zpsqstgzdrk.jpg photo P1110079_zpsmh3bxxkd.jpg
 photo IMG_9371_zpswnkrmvix.jpg photo IMG_9376_zpsruxojevx.jpg photo IMG_9378_zpsxkcexr5u.jpg
 photo IMG_9380_zpsqcdopckb.jpg photo IMG_9381_zpsuivarj53.jpg photo IMG_9383_zpsvwo9oppt.jpg
 photo IMG_9385_zpsvfch6u1r.jpg photo IMG_9386_zpstn7clfra.jpg photo IMG_9387_zpscnmazjbf.jpg
 photo IMG_9388_zpstiledfel.jpg photo IMG_9389_zps1wt62ai9.jpg photo P1110080_zpsxiy1cmi9.jpg
 photo P1110081_zpsxoqzjaxg.jpg photo P1110082_zpshx97w1lm.jpg photo P1110083_zpsluguu2g3.jpg
 photo P1110085_zpsue3zyr3f.jpg photo P1110086_zpsvgntvvjh.jpg photo P1110087_zpsz9x7waki.jpg
 photo IMG_9391_zpsgxmr19ls.jpg photo IMG_9393_zpsg7l67kcn.jpg photo IMG_9397_zpsxuw2jsjc.jpg
 photo IMG_9399_zps4qorhuoa.jpg photo IMG_9401_zpspb5if9h3.jpg photo IMG_9402_zpsxqccth5h.jpg
 photo IMG_9405_zpshqxvdy1x.jpg photo IMG_9407_zpsmrgeebhn.jpg photo IMG_9409_zpskabyy736.jpg
 photo P1110089_zps3xge1wqu.jpg photo P1110090_zpsbgmvymmm.jpg photo P1110092_zpsc5zyqyud.jpg
 photo P1110095_zpsf7jl1xki.jpg photo P1110096_zpsivgxorjg.jpg photo P1110097_zpsakvb9erz.jpg
 photo P1110098_zps6zcoozif.jpg photo P1110099_zpskezqauef.jpg photo P1110100_zpsfimrofld.jpg
 photo P1110102_zpsbp7g7pca.jpg photo P1110103_zpst9be9myt.jpg photo IMG_9424_zpsncybdly7.jpg
 photo IMG_9426_zpsk9hpzjun.jpg photo IMG_9427_zps2lbsqm1e.jpg photo IMG_9428_zpsgcvhgn7t.jpg
 photo IMG_9429_zpsjawb9r7o.jpg photo IMG_9438_zpsbshecgqw.jpg photo IMG_9439_zpsfgudcanv.jpgAs you can see from the maps in the last two images my Instagram map has loads of nice pics on there, have a look, the username is @TomBoyNI

The next stage of the journey will take me to Sligo…


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