Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L – Release Imminent

With the imminent (UK) release of the new Honda Africa Twin (CRF1000L) I thought it only fitting to throw together a little gallery to wet your appitite towards what is one of the most highly anticipated adventure style / dual sport motorcycles to be released in a decade.

As an owner of a 2002 RD07a Africa Twin I am excited, but will it be enough to draw me away from  my excellent BMW F800 GSA Travel Edition?  Who knows!

In the meantime and on the run up to release here is a little teaser…

Instagram : HondaAfricaTwinCRF1000L – Follow this Account on Instagram from more photos of and dedicated to the New Honda Africa Twin :

Gallery : 

 photo IMG_0641_zpsyjb12m41.jpg photo IMG_0647_zpsrxdligfg.jpg photo IMG_0645_zpsvmyeo0qx.jpg
 photo IMG_1704_zpsqoea4x6c.jpg photo IMG_1705_zpszlmyusup.jpg photo IMG_1706_zpsafbqduiz.jpg
 photo IMG_0505_zps9egdqnbg.jpg photo IMG_1709_zpswx8verbf.jpg photo IMG_0642_zpscmqqxshh.jpg
 photo IMG_1703_zpsnj3yjs97.jpg photo IMG_1708_zpss7jxlw6q.jpg photo IMG_1711_zps6aziz4av.jpg
 photo IMG_1712_zpsaemkf7wi.jpg photo IMG_1713_zps0gzs8ona.jpg photo IMG_1714_zpslyfaiqjw.jpg
 photo IMG_1715_zpsnh7cyxrl.jpg photo IMG_1716_zpscpvgpwdp.jpg photo IMG_1717_zps1zrilcnq.jpg
 photo IMG_1718_zpsgstxknvl.jpg photo IMG_1719_zpsec2ytcp5.jpg photo IMG_1720_zpspmorzdjd.jpg
 photo IMG_1721_zpslvlrgy6r.jpg photo IMG_1722_zpsuovao2le.jpg photo IMG_1723_zpsgfeitxhs.jpg
 photo IMG_1724_zpsohalf8o6.jpg photo IMG_1726_zpswcug583i.jpg photo IMG_1727_zpsxlfqzx2q.jpg
 photo IMG_1787_zps4v30zlxx.jpg photo IMG_1788_zpsirqgeumd.jpg photo IMG_1789_zpsobkipe5i.jpg
 photo IMG_1790_zpssiamuc8i.jpg photo IMG_1791_zpsutusbjsl.jpg photo IMG_1792_zpsqgmw9ztn.jpg
 photo IMG_1793_zpsxdyutste.jpg photo IMG_1794_zpsn8saf9hn.jpg photo IMG_1795_zpso53ipqa2.jpg
 photo IMG_1798_zpshkivtpls.jpg photo IMG_1806_zpsnrmjb3bc.jpg photo IMG_1810_zpsr6cqfkw6.jpg
 photo IMG_1812_zpssh1xowxp.jpg photo IMG_1804_zpsto7cebcz.jpg photo IMG_1805_zpsigcaelfd.jpg
 photo IMG_1807_zpsafsndacq.jpg photo IMG_1808_zpsepwpzaaw.jpg photo IMG_1809_zps2scbmdtc.jpg
 photo IMG_1811_zps0tdxsmoa.jpg photo IMG_1813_zpskk07q8kb.jpg photo IMG_1814_zpsrp7o3oec.jpg


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I am a road race loving, adventure motorcyclist, with a huge bit of techie built in.  I am currently trying out a bit of photography.

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