Updated (1) : Three (3 Mobile) The One Plan Comes to a Crashing End – for me anyway.

So yesterday I got the dreaded letter from 3 (Three Mobile) @ThreeUK / @ThreeUKSupport informing me that The One Plan was coming to an end for me.

Anyone who knows the One Plan knows that it was an amazing deal offered by Three that basically meant you gave them £15 hard earned pound coins and they gave you unlimited calls, texts and data, truly unlimited that even allowed tethering.

If you didn’t know about it, unlucky, you missed out.

One problem though, as with everything good it was abused.  People cancelled their broadband and such, streaming and downloading TBs of data every month.  Of course this then made such a plan unsustainable and caused Three to bin it.  I understand that.  It is what happens next that I do not understand.

The End of The One Plan - Three's Bye Bye Letter
The End of The One Plan – Three’s Bye Bye Letter

So here it is, thanks for your time, you have been a regular, honest and t&c abiding customer for many years.  We are ending your plan, and offering you an ‘alternative’ with much less at double the price.  Oh and in our opinion this is the best case scenario for you, with the best choice of plan already made for you.  It’s the best we can do so deal with it or move on.

So this is where the story properly begins.  On having a look online, at the time of writing, GiffGaff have a goodie bag that costs £20.  In that you get unlimited everything, however your tethering is limited to 6GB.  EE then have a deal where you get 16GB (all can be tethered) along with unlimited minutes and texts for £19.99 / month, or if you have an EE plan already you can pick it up for £16.49 / month.

Information is power in this world so I try to contact Three via telephone to see what options I have or what they are prepared to do to keep a customer…  The quick answer is nothing.  I am told the best offer that will give me with unlimited data is either :

  1.  £20 a month – 200 minutes / unlimited texts and Unlimited tethering, with 30GB maximum allowance for tethering.  For 12 months.
  2. £25 a month – 600 minutes /  unlimited texts and Unlimited tethering, with 30GB maximum allowance for tethering.  For 12 months.

Remembering I was getting unlimited everything for £15 / month on a one month rolling basis.  That by any standards is a massive price hike.

I am absolutely assured by the representative that this is the best I can get, there is nothing more.  I ask for my complaint to be recorded and raised and I request my PAC code, it arrives in a text message after a few minutes.

Three make it very clear they are not prepared to deal in any way.

I then go online and have a look at what is being offered to new customers… my goodness it is exactly what I had been offered.  Further proof there is no brand / customer loyalty.  I am offered exactly what some new customer is offered.

Three's Current Sim Only Plans
Three’s Current Sim Only Plans

In the goodbye letter, as you can see, it mentions a £3 thank you discount on the ridiculously over priced £30 tariff.  No such discount applies on anything else, just the daft tariff.  It really should be called the idiot rebate, because honestly you’d need to be an idiot to take a £30 SIM only contract.  For £30 you can get a decent contract with a decent allowance and decent phone included.

At this point I am now left wondering, EE or GiffGaff.  Having experience with EE their speeds are awesome, however unfortunately at my place of work the signal isn’t great, and that’s a disaster otherwise it would have been much easier from this point.

I make the mistake of trying Three again.  This time I use their web chat system.  It goes exactly the same way.  I get nowhere.  As you can see I have copied the entire conversation and put it here.  The only details I have removed are my own personal details, for obvious reasons.  You can see I was getting nowhere.  You can see they simply do not care about existing customers.

Chat Log from conversation with Three's Customer Service Representative and 'Manager' - 05/04/2016
Chat Log from conversation with Three’s Customer Service Representative and ‘Manager’ – 05/04/2016

A few big points of concern I have from this are :

  1.  They fail to accept or deny that others are offered better deals.
  2.  They fail to acknowledge any form of customer loyalty.
  3.  They openly offer worse deals than competitors, including offers you have actually directed them towards!
  4.  They openly admit that at another time a different deal will be offered, better or worse.
  5.  The informality shown by the ‘manager’ in addressing me shows a massive lack of respect for their customers and a blasé attitude in their treatment of them.

This to me clearly shows that they do not care about existing customers, nor those customers that will come to the end of their terms soon either.  If you are coming to the end of your term, according to the ‘Manager’ you could get offered an even worse deal, which makes no sense as the new customers will be offered more.  Then obviously you just leave and rejoin.

This whole experience has left me sour towards Three, that I will fully admit.  However their treatment of genuine customers throughout this incident is comical, they should be ashamed of themselves.  As I stated to them, other phone companies have seen themselves as Zeus.  It hasn’t worked for them and I hope Three learn before they make the same mistakes in treating their customers like dirt.

In the above chat I have reference another blog and in the interests of completeness here is it’s posting…


It makes some good reading and has many more examples of success and failure other customers have had.  Add to its comments as well as it is already well ahead of this posting, however add your comments here too!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you can add your story in the comments, it is of course absolutely appreciated.  I do want to take some facts and figures to Three and have them at the very least account for their differing treatment of customers and why such differences exist and are accepted by the company.  Why is one customer entitled to more than another?  Please Three answer that.

Update 1 : I have had no input from Three. No reply to the tweets, no acknowledgement of my complaint. I contacted them today and changed my plan to a one month rolling contact. I want the freedom to get away from this crowd the second a better deal appears so the extra few quid is worth it to be untied from this crowd.

Oh and here are two final jokes from the Three Website at the time of posting :

Don't believe this there is nothing to see here:
Don’t believe this there is nothing to see here:


Three Introduced this chap with the hashtag #MakeItRight A good marketing campaign no doubt, however one that has absolutely failed on its principles!
Three Introduced this chap with the hashtag #MakeItRight A good marketing campaign no doubt, however one that has absolutely failed on its principles!



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  1. Yep, I got bitten by this just yesterday. Calling 333 got me nowhere except a Call Centre in India where it feels like the representatives are just reading from a script and offering me exactly that which is offered on the website.

    By contrast – when I went to leave EE for one of my other lines, they picked up the phone in seconds and couldn’t wait to offer me a better deal for being such a valued customer. That line is still an EE line to this day.

    Basically, I feel that as a customer, I am being punished for the unscrupulous actions of a very small minority. Unlimited data and 30GB tethering for £20 a month is not bad compared to other networks, but I’m just angry out of principle and am tempted to move just to make a statement.

    • Thanks for the feedback!

      I think other companies are aware of the dissatisfaction of Three customers.

      EE for example were offering 16GB data (they hearing allowed) along with unlimited minutes and texts starting at £16.49

      Vodafone offering similar a few weeks ago for about £25.

      You’re right it isn’t a bad deal from Three but it is terrible in comparison to what we had. £15 to £30 is unacceptable. All they had to do to make the £20 more palatable is to bump up the minutes. After all they cost a minuscule amount to the network.

      I can’t wait to jump ship and hope many more do the same to show Three this is not how you #makeitright !


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