NW200 : Thursday 12th May 2016 : Evening Racing

As is the now normal procedure Thursday night saw the first racing of the NW200 event.  The weather was glorious, as it had been all week, the roads were in top condition and things are now scheduled to move much more quickly, with the organisers now putting the focus on the racing, for the benefit of the spectators and fans rather than pit lane walks, interviews and TV cameras holding up the proceedings.

A welcome change to the program.

Three races were scheduled for the evening race session, however due to a non race related fire on the course Race 2 had to be postponed.  Then when set off again a race incident involving Ryan Farquhar and Dan Cooper suspended and ultimately finished proceedings for the evening.

The third race was scheduled to run on Saturday 14th May 2016 as part of the Saturday race programme.

However more importantly and thankfully Ryan Farquhar, who was seriously injured is now making good progress and full recovery is expected, Dan Cooper was not seriously injured, should also be back to 100% fighting fit very soon.

A non race related fire on the course suspends Race 2 at the NW200 on Thursday 12 May 2016
A non race related fire on the course suspends Race 2 at the NW200 on Thursday 12 May 2016

Gallery :

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