2019 North West 200 : Race Results 18/05/2019

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Before you go any further check out the previous qualifying sessions :



And Thursday’s Race Session (16/05/2019) :


After glorious weather all week Saturday Race Day came and the good weather left.  From before 8:00am the rain set in and truthfully never really let up all day.

The result was – initially – red flags, delays, more delays, a helicopter taking down power lines (true story) and then eventually a great afternoon and early evening’s racing.

It was about 2:40pm by the time the supersports started for the third time that the schedule started to move.  The rain continued, but so did the motorcycles and we were really treated to some awesome races.

Thank goodness for the contingency legislation, which meant the roads could remain closed until 9pm.  Unfortunately we ran out of time and light to run the feature Superbike race, which was cancelled for safety reasons – and that although disappointing for all the super bike fans – made perfect sense and was absolutely the right call to make.

Here is how things panned out…

Scroll right to the bottom to get to get to the gallery for some photo candy…


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2019 North West 200 Saturday 18/05/2019 Race Schedule & Entry List

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(Roads Closed 9:15am - 7pm)

Race 1 – The Junction Retail & Leisure Park SUPERSPORT RACE Race 1 – The Junction Retail & Leisure Park SUPERSPORT RACE





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2019 North West 200 : Race Results 16/05/2019

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Before you go any further check out the previous qualifying sessions :



Thursday night brought us the first three races of the 2019 North West 200 – and what an amazing three races they were.

The weather was glorious, the clouds had broken and the sun was setting nicely out into the Atlantic Ocean, all of which set the scene for some epic road racing along our stunning Northern Irish North Coast.  

Track temperatures were hovering close to 30 degrees celsius and the wind, although still blowing was nothing more than a gentle coastal breeze.

Perfect conditions for some Thursday night road racing and things all kicked off with the Supersport 600cc machines, followed by some big(ish) bike action of the superstockers and finishing things off with the supertwins.

Here is how things unfolded…

North West 200 : 16th May 2019 Race Results :

I said earlier on today today to watch out in this class.  I said earlier on today that Lee Johnston was definitely worth watching in this session and oh my word…  Just look what happened!

Lee Johnston takes the win from Seeley who unfortunately after 6 laps of hardcore battle with General Lee Johnston fell at the last.

Importantly he was up and walked away from his off, and hopefully he is good for Saturday, but until the unfortunate incident of Alistair Seeley coming off the bike that was a true modern day motorcycling duel!

Really thrilling racing, which finished with a red flag following the spill from the Wee Wizard.

An unlucky retirement for Paul Jordan also who is having a great meeting, thankfully nothing serious for Paul, he just felt unwell.

A great start to the race session and here’s to a quick and full recovery for Alistair Seeley – we all want to see him on the Ducati on Saturday!

Race 1 – Tides Restaurant Supersport Race (6 laps) Race 1 – Tides Restaurant Supersport Race (6 laps) Race 1 – Tides Restaurant Supersport Race (6 laps)

Superstocks came out next and of course did not disappoint.  

Again have a look at Glen Irwin – second in this race, behind Hicky, who to be fair this week se far seems to be riding a rocket every time he gets on a bike.  

Michael Dunlop filled the 3rd spot on the podium in a race where he just seemed to bide his time and pounce in the last minute, much to the delight of the north west course as the cheers went round the circuit like a Mexican wave.

Dean Harrison came off at University, thankfully unhurt and Hutchy was having a truly great run, until having to retire.  Hutchy is definitely on the up – racing about the 6th spot until his early exit from the race.

This class and the superbikes could be very interesting come Saturday if Glenn Irwin can keep this form considering how well Hicky is preforming.  Things could get really fast, really fast.

Race 2 – Bayview Hotel Superstock Race (6 laps) Race 2 – Bayview Hotel Superstock Race (6 laps) Race 2 – Bayview Hotel Superstock Race (6 laps)

Supertwins – or Kawasaki v Paton.  It was definitely a Paton / Kawasaki fight tonight with the Paton taking the top spot and two Ryan Farquhar machines filling up the rostrum.

It was tight the whole race with the Italian Stefano Bonetti taking the win.  

Notably Stefano was the first Italian rider to secure a win at the North West in her 90 year history.  The Italian National Anthem brought great joy to many walking down the coast road although what I learned is road racing fans simply can not dance!

Well done Stefano Bonetti, that was a tight race for its entire duration and an exceptional well ridden race and an equally well deserved win!

Unfortunately John McGuinness never brought the 600cc Norton out to play, Derek McGee retired in the pits and Jeremy McWilliams had his second fall of the day.  Thankfully walking away from it.

Race 3 – MCL InsureTech Supertwin Race (4 laps) Race 3 – MCL InsureTech Supertwin Race (4 laps) Race 3 – MCL InsureTech Supertwin Race (4 laps)

All in all a tremendous night’s racing finished up by a great Supertwin battle.

Now see you all Saturday, get there early – it’s going to be busy!

Oh and park somewhere sensible…don’t let this be you!

16/05/2019 NW200 Tow Away 16/05/2019 NW200 Tow Away

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2019 North West 200 : Qualifying Results 16/05/2019

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Check out the timings from Tuesday’s Qualifying Session here : http://tbni.blog/2019/05/14/2019-north-west-200-qualifying-results-14-05-2019/

The last chance saloon – Thursday qualifying.

The final opportunity for the competitors to make the last tweaks and get themselves a qualifying time towards the front row.

Four sessions in this qualifying period lets all the classes get out for one final blast around the triangle, supertwins, superstocks, supersports and superbikes.

After an amazing sun kissed Tuesday session it is a lot more overcast today, however, importantly it is dry and nice and warm.  At the start of this session track temperature was 20 degrees celsius and bit of a head wind was slowing things ever so slightly – everything is looking good and once again here is to a safe, enjoyable and fast session.

North West 200 : 16th May 2019 Qualifying / Practice Results :

Right at the start of the session was a little bit of drama for Jeremy McWilliams sliding off at Magherbouy Chicane.  McWilliams has registered a qualifying time, but probably won’t have completed enough laps to qualify for the racing – so it will all come down to the Clerk of the Course to use their privilege in determining whether he will be allowed to take the grid.

Derek McGee has shown his excellent form again this morning getting himself to the top of today’s session, second overall.  Looks like his form in the Nationals wants to transfer into the Internationals.

Glen Irwin also started with a what looks like a new fire in his belly.  He sounded very down on Tuesday, but has started today with a bit of venom, just over 1/10 of second off Derek McGee’s top time for the day.

Jamie Coward finished third for the day but took the overall top spot.

2019 NW200 Supertwin Second Qualifying 2019 NW200 Supertwin Second Qualifying 2019 NW200 Supertwin Second Qualifying

Again right the start of this session we had a rider off, thankfully Dominic Herbertson just seemed to slide onto the grass at University.

Peter Hickman was simply on fire in this session lapping at an amazing 4:23:604 – 0.9 seconds off the super stock lap record and further reinforcing his position as the fastest man on the roads.

Peter Hickman’s superstock qualifying lap time at 2019 NW200


Glen Irwin kept on top of his new good form, taking the second spot in the session on his Kawasaki, his team mate James Hillier a fraction of a second behind in third.  This new frame of mind that Glen apparently woke up with this morning is working beautifully for him.

Unfortunately a red finished the session when Craig Neve came off at a chicane knocking some bales out onto the circuit.  This was just as Michael Dunlop was about to take himself out for a final flyer – he finished up fourth in this session.

2019 NW200 Superstock Second Qualifying 2019 NW200 Superstock Second Qualifying 2019 NW200 Superstock Second Qualifying

These 600cc motorcycles go flat out – with a huge grid that will be separated over two waves of machines.

Remember in this class the first machine across the line may not be the winner.  The second wave starts 10 seconds after the first – so in theory the winner of the second wave could be the fastest man on the road and ultimate win the race.

This is the class that most pundits have Alistair Seeley already on the trophy – he is dominant, but I think Lee Johnston will be snapping hard at his heels this year, and don’t forget Hicky – you can’t forget Hicky – he is flying this year.

The start of this third session also seen the third incident.  Steve Horne (85) came off at the Link Road after University resulting in a red flag.

After a short delay the session resumed and Lee Johnston, Hicky, James Hillier and Dean Harrison all bounced about taking fastest laps and fastest sections from each other and this is how the session finished off, albeit prematurely following a red flag following an off for Davo Johnston, who thankfully has not suffered any serious injuries. 

On a positive note though Lee Johnston, Dean Harrison and James Hillier all broke the lap record – although it is unofficial when it is done in qualifying.  It does set the scene for a great Supersport contest! 

2019 NW200 Supersport Second Qualifying 2019 NW200 Supersport Second Qualifying 2019 NW200 Supersport Second Qualifying

The man of the moment now has to be Glenn Irwin!  After Tuesday and seeming to have the entire universe on his shoulders today it has just clicked and he took the superbike session in some style.  Team mate Dean Harrison was snapping away in second place and the Wee Wizard Alistair Seeley taking third.

I would expect nothing other than a fantastic Superbike race and it really is shaping up that way.

Excuse the rushed summary on this race, but I have to get a move on, it’s racing at 5pm!

See you there, and well done once again Glenn Irwin, you have nailed it!  (It looks like my tweet worked ;-p    )

2019 NW200 Superbike Second Qualifying 2019 NW200 Superbike Second Qualifying 2019 NW200 Superbike Second Qualifying

So a short break until Thursday evening – just enough time to get an ice cream and a burger and at 5pm the roads close and we go racing for the first race session of the 90th Anniversary of the International North West 200…

Here’s to a good one!

2019 North West 200 Thursday Race Schedule :

(Roads closed 5pm – 9pm): 

Race 1 – Tides Restaurant Supersport Race (6 laps)

Race 2 – Bayview Hotel Superstock Race (6 laps)

Race 3 – MCL InsureTech Supertwin Race (4 laps)

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Honda Confirm Cause of McGuiness 2017 North West 200 Crash

Honda Racing

The 2017 North West 200 was the start of the end for Honda’s Road Racing Season this year.

Things hadn’t got off to a great start anyway even after the announcement of what has to be described as a dream team of John MCGuinness and Guy Martin.  Guy crashed out of Tandragee and had a mediocre Cookstown event, however whether Honda wanted to admit it or not there was clearly an issue come the North West.

Every road racing fan knows John McGuinness just doesn’t fall off and it didn’t take long until the rumours started flowing that there was an issue with the bike and something to do with the throttle and that is what had thrown John off the bike.

Now two and a half months later, those rumours have been confirmed.

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2017 North West 200 Thursday 11th May 2017 Race Session Gallery

Thursday Night Action at the 2017 NW200 Event
Thursday Nights Racing at the 2017 NW200 saw some amazing racing – really putting the event back on the Road Racing Map after a couple of tragic and difficult years.

Apologies for it being a bit late, but sometimes you just get busy.

The poor weather at the 2017 Isle of Man TT Race Meeting has given me the opportunity to get caught up on a few things I had let slip.  You’ll be glad to hear the next gallery will be from the Isle of Man!

So if you are over at the 2017 Isle of Man TT Races you are right about now probably wishing for the rain to stop!  Don’t worry it is going to – tomorrow is to be a lovely day.

However in the meantime to satisfy your needs for some motorbikes here is my gallery from the 2017 NW200 Thursday Race Session… (You’ll see it was soaked in glorious sunshine!)

Photos for this session were taken from the area of the Juniper Hill Chicane – maining looking down the Coast Road.

As with all of my photos please feel free to like, share and even use them.  If you do use them however please credit me with the photograph – Don’t steal it.  I don’t want to start watermarking my photos so if you do use it please – do the right thing.

Also all photos are available in full resolution, so if you would like any of the photographs in their full uneditted glory please just let me know – especially if you are one of the riders!

Contact Me Here.

For the Full Race Results (Saturday) Click Here.

For the Detailed Race Results and Race Breakdowns Click Here.

Thursday Night Racing at the 2017 NW200 Event
Look closer – it’s OK, you are not seeing double!

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Guy Martin will Race at NW200 and Isle of Man TT in 2017!

After yesterday’s rumours and my theory that’d we know more by Wednesday / Thursday, guess what?  It is Wednesday and we know more!  Without further ado here is the news and it is good!  

Oh and before the internet warriors and those who specialise in the keyboard and living under bridges, a chap can change his mind and like it or lump it, this is a huge boost for the Road Racing Scene. Welcome back Guy Martin!

Looks like TT tickets may be even harder to get this year!

Taken from Guy Martin’s Official Facebook Page :

Guy Martin to ride for Honda Racing in 2017
Guy Martin to ride for Honda Racing in 2017

John McGuinness and Guy Martin complete Honda Racing dream team.

Honda Motor Europe is delighted to announce an exciting two-rider line-up for its 2017 Road Racing assault at the North West 200 and Isle of Man TT in the Superbike classes. Re-signing for the Honda Racing team is TT legend John McGuinness, who will be joined by Guy Martin on the all-new Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2.

Making his return to racing after a year away, fan favourite Martin will form a formidable team with McGuinness and the brand new Fireblade SP2 on the roads. Martin has enjoyed huge success on the roads during his career securing wins at various races including the Ulster GP, Scarborough Gold Cup, Armoy, Cookstown and also the Southern 100. He has also stepped on the TT podium 15 times and will be chasing his elusive maiden TT win with the Honda Racing team.

Meanwhile, McGuinness will be looking to add to his impressive tally of 23 TT wins, and riding the new Fireblade SP2, will also be aiming to recapture his lap record which was broken during last year’s race.

The Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade is the most successful 1000cc machine ever at the Isle of Man TT and Honda aims to add to its remarkable record with the new SP2 version, which is the ultimate expression of the Fireblade’s Next Stage Total Control concept.

The SP2 is a road legal homologation special based on the Fireblade SP that is specifically developed for racing and features a revised cylinder head with larger valve sizes and lightweight Marchesini wheels for even greater performance.

The all-new Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2 will make its road racing debut at the North West 200 in May.

For all the latest news and information on the Honda Racing team follow @HondaRacingCBR on Twitter.

John McGuinness:

“I’m back with Honda for another year; really I’m part of the family, and I can’t wait to see what the new Fireblade SP2 can do! I know the old model like the back of my hand and have taken a lot of my TT wins with the old girl, so I can’t wait to get out on track and try the new machine out. I have a good feeling about this year and think we have a really good package to show that we mean business. I of course would like another TT win and I would quite like my lap record back! I always say when it’s broken that the lads are just borrowing it and I hope this year that this is the case. I am sad to say bye to the old Fireblade; I have a lot of history and good memories with that bike, but testing the new model can’t come soon enough and neither can the race season. I’m excited to have Guy as my new team-mate; we’ve enjoyed many a racing battle over the years and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can both do.”

Guy Martin: 

“Neil [Tuxworth] has been talking to me for a while about joining the team, but I had a lot of thinking to do before I committed and said yes. I spent a lot of time on my push bike to and from work, thinking about what to do. I didn’t want to grow old regretting not giving the Honda a go, and the more time passes since making the decision, the more time I’ve thought it is the right decision. Honda is a great team and the Fireblade has always been a weapon on the roads, so with the new bike, I‘m keen to give it a go. We’ve got a busy testing schedule coming up and I’ve put some other stuff off to make time. John [McGuinness] is the man, I’ve got massive respect for him and I’m looking forward to racing on the Fireblade against him.”

Neil Tuxworth:

“We have two new members joining the Honda Racing team this year with Guy signing and the new 2017 Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP2. John is part of the furniture really, but it’s great to have him back with us for another year – it wouldn’t be the same without him! I really feel with Guy and John, and of course the new Fireblade, that we have a strong team ready to tackle the roads this year. Guy is hungry for his first TT win and John wants another and his lap record back, so this mixed with the new CBR1000RR means we should be in for some exciting racing action. The new Fireblade SP2 is so important to the team and also Honda and it’s vital we continue its legacy at the TT and add more to its 23 wins. We’re all looking forward to testing and I think everyone from the riders and the team are all excited to get on track and put the new machine through its paces.”

Photos: Honda Racing


Guy Martin to ride for Honda Racing in 2017
Guy Martin to ride for Honda Racing in 2017

NW200 : Saturday 14th May 2016 : Race Day

With the Thursday night Racing Session getting suspended due to a race related incident the Saturday Race Schedule had the extra race bumped into the schedule, meaning a full program of six races.

Racing started sharp and an excellent first race was unfortunately the only one of the schedule to run its course.

Race 2 was stopped following an incident involving Bruce Anstey who incidentally managed a speed trough the trap of a whopping 209.4mph!  Thankfully Bruce walked away from the crash after some roadside medical treatment.

Race 3 was then stopped and the remainder of the meeting cancelled following the death of Malachi Mitchell Thomas.


 photo P1000797_zpsfdl9ker8.jpg photo P1000798_zpsjvweb4aj.jpg photo P1000800_zpsvslz6uab.jpg
 photo P1000801_zps7r8tanzg.jpg photo P1000804_zpsibpwtubm.jpg photo P1000807_zpszgqmul7q.jpg
 photo P1000805_zpsdk6vehaw.jpg photo P1000806_zpsghtsmvbb.jpg photo P1000808_zpsf78p4zvs.jpg
 photo P1000809_zpsbz4vne5q.jpg photo P1000811_zps7duipmtv.jpg photo P1000812_zpslyxrfrgw.jpg
 photo P1000814_zpsbvnacrrm.jpg photo P1000813_zpslrzcvesq.jpg photo P1000815_zpsy2yw3lbx.jpg
 photo P1000816_zpsll5re9dk.jpg photo P1000819_zpsr8ji5qgn.jpg photo P1000817_zpsgvsb6kp3.jpg
 photo P1000821_zps4bf1vxqp.jpg photo P1000823_zpszrdzpqxc.jpg photo P1000822_zpsb8vzrlld.jpg
 photo P1000826_zpsw9jdy427.jpg photo P1000825_zpshhxp4bki.jpg photo P1000828_zpsqdav5mfm.jpg
 photo P1000831_zpsmqid9qhd.jpg photo P1000834_zpsjqg17rhr.jpg photo P1000833_zpsjmdhvbhz.jpg
 photo P1000830_zpsgwe0dxsm.jpg photo P1000832_zpsxasei1nk.jpg photo P1000839_zpstlmjeais.jpg
 photo P1000838_zpsr2l6mkg0.jpg photo P1000835_zpsfwyei6mr.jpg photo P1000841_zpsiwyc8cit.jpg
 photo P1000843_zpsryde4s9u.jpg photo P1000844_zpsgmq6fcm1.jpg photo P1000845_zpsy2svmcc7.jpg
 photo P1000847_zps3ytiwy0k.jpg photo P1000848_zpstqkqdnd9.jpg photo P1000849_zpsldqsx19e.jpg
 photo P1000850_zps2db56iie.jpg photo P1000851_zpsqii260fz.jpg photo P1000852_zpsum2yllmx.jpg
 photo P1000854_zpslvl34ed4.jpg photo P1000856_zpshbdlgery.jpg

NW200 : Thursday 12th May 2016 : Evening Racing

As is the now normal procedure Thursday night saw the first racing of the NW200 event.  The weather was glorious, as it had been all week, the roads were in top condition and things are now scheduled to move much more quickly, with the organisers now putting the focus on the racing, for the benefit of the spectators and fans rather than pit lane walks, interviews and TV cameras holding up the proceedings.

A welcome change to the program.

Three races were scheduled for the evening race session, however due to a non race related fire on the course Race 2 had to be postponed.  Then when set off again a race incident involving Ryan Farquhar and Dan Cooper suspended and ultimately finished proceedings for the evening.

The third race was scheduled to run on Saturday 14th May 2016 as part of the Saturday race programme.

However more importantly and thankfully Ryan Farquhar, who was seriously injured is now making good progress and full recovery is expected, Dan Cooper was not seriously injured, should also be back to 100% fighting fit very soon.

A non race related fire on the course suspends Race 2 at the NW200 on Thursday 12 May 2016
A non race related fire on the course suspends Race 2 at the NW200 on Thursday 12 May 2016

Gallery :

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