Thanks for joining me for the Live Coverage of the Ukster Grand Prix 2016

Thanks to everyone who joined me for my live Twitter Coverage of the 2016 Ulster Grand Prix. 

Seven races, a monster meeting for Hutchy, with 4 wins a great show from Bruce, with a win, a super looks and a number of podiums and an always keep going from M. Dunlop earning him a load more UGP Podiums. 

All of this covered live with hundreds of tweets, so if you were with me thanks. If not hopefully you can join in next time. 

Something must have been done right though…

Maria Costello MBE  Reweet
Maria Costello MBE Reweet
Maria Costello MBE   Likes Tweet
Maria Costello MBE Likes Tweet

If you missed the action you can catch it tonight 15/08/2016 @ 21:00 GMT on BBC 2 Northern Ireland and tomorrow, 16/08/2016 @ 21:00 GMT also on BBC 2 Northern Ireland and I’m sure the BBC iPlayer shortly afterwards. 


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