MontBlanc StarWalker Urban Speed Ballpoint Pen

Continuing on with my pen theme from yesterday and the gallery of the very rare and much sought after Breitling Ballpoint pen I have another fine writing instrument to introduce you to.

The MontBlanc StarWalker Urban Speed :

MontBlanc StarWalker Urban Speed Ballpoint Pen Information Sheet
MontBlanc StarWalker Urban Speed Ballpoint Pen Information Sheet

MontBlanc Writing Instruments need no introduction, and yes they are expensive, but no it is not just a pen.  Everyone needs to write with a nice pen,everyone should have a premium pen and you know deep down you actually want one!

We all do it, walking past the shops in the airport or the jewellers on the High Street, you look in the window, and think, ‘yeah…yeah!’

This MontBlanc though breaks the mould a little in my opinion.  It has a much more mordern design and look than that of the classic Meisterstück,for example.

The finish as you should expect is impecable, and again as you would expect the writing experience is refined and perfect.

Try it some day and try it in a store, it is an experience.  The pen will be presented to you with a pad.  The sales person will most likely be wearing gloves as they handle the pen, the pad will be branded, high quality and heavily weighted paper and you will be free to write, sign, doodle…whatever.

And you will enjoy it, the buying experience will add to the overall enjoyment of owning the pen, a premium pen that the most common comment you are likely to hear as you use it, is probably something like, ‘Wow, it that a real one?’

Gallery :

 photo P1020538_zps0tsx8w1h.jpg
 photo P1020539_zpsnviauwvr.jpg
 photo P1020542_zps9n8kt6y9.jpg
 photo P1020543_zpsoumnschz.jpg
 photo P1020544_zpsxeffv3ox.jpg
 photo P1020546_zpsuekqeb9a.jpg
 photo P1020547_zpsdzcihoth.jpg
 photo P1020548_zpsy6oqvxx4.jpg
 photo P1020549_zpspo1o0tyc.jpg
 photo P1020550_zpsxvkupnwf.jpg
 photo P1020551_zpsv3pssyiq.jpg
 photo P1020552_zpsh4yepqqw.jpg
 photo P1020553_zpsssre4c9c.jpg
 photo P1020554_zpsp3eszume.jpg
 photo P1020555_zps1u8y0ttr.jpg
 photo P1020556_zpstrt2t1ct.jpg
 photo P1020557_zpshv3s5ius.jpg
 photo P1020559_zpslmfyds0k.jpg
 photo P1020560_zpscuangtsw.jpg


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