Breitling Pen – Limited Edition / Rare

I am a fan of a nice pen, with it being mightier than the sword and such, it is always worth writing with a nice pen.

I was lucky enough to receive a Brietling Pen for Christmas 2015 and as much as I have tried I have been able to find out very little information about it.

What I do know is that it is rare and probably originated from a Breitling Authorised Dealer.  What I also know is that it is a quality writing instrument, well made, even more well finished and like all things Breitling, supremely cool!

The finish is a hard plastic, each of the letters moves, it feels tough and sturdy – however the important things with a pen are grip and writing quality.  The pen is comfortable, and the ink smooth, although the original refill is a little wet, meaning depending on how you hold the pen, or if you are left handed it may cause smudging.  This is easily sorted however as the pen takes a standard Parker Style refill.  IT’s a great pen.  For me though it is more of a collector’s piece.   With the box tucked safely away in storage and the pen in a quality leather sheath, I am happy to say I own one of these rare items, and frequently keep an eye out for another – just to have as a daily user!

Gallery :

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