ArenaCross UK Visits Belfast’s Odyssey Arena 28/01/2017

2017 ArenaCross UK Tour
2017 ArenaCross UK Tour

On January 27 & 28th 2017 the ArenaCross UK Tour graced Belfast’s Odyssey Arena for two rounds of the UK Competition.  With everyone from 7 year old kids to Europe’s finest indoor Motorcross Racers and a ridiculously skilled Freestyle Team this really is a high octane, completely flat out show from start to finish – and it’s a format that works and this is its fifth year on the bounce in Belfast – and my second.

Check out the official website here for all the results, upcoming events, news and photos…

AXUK - High Flying - High Octane Stunts in the FreeStyle MotoCross (FMX) Sessions
AXUK – High Flying – High Octane Stunts in the FreeStyle MotoCross (FMX) Sessions

So what does it entail?  Racing…Freestyling…Some more Racing…A bit of Beat Boxing…Some more Freestyling and even more Racing.

Now that’s a good schedule for a night’s entertainment and it doesn’t really seem to stop.  When the racing heats stop the freestylers come on, the track gets fixed the racing starts again and this sequence repeats.  It is a recipe that a few other events could learn from.  Keep the action going, keep the crowd keen!  It works.

AXUK - High Speed - High Intensity Racing on the short but techincally demanding indoor circuit
AXUK – High Speed – High Intensity Racing on the short but techincally demanding indoor circuit

Not only does the schedule work well but these guys – from the kids to the pros are going flat out…full tilt.

I have put together a bit of a ‘Highligh Reel’ which you can view on my YouTube Channel, or right here…


(Please note this video only shows highlights from the FMX aspect of the show – with so much going on on the track it would be unfair of me to try and capture any racing footage and upload as an accurate representation of the race – you really have to go and see the reacing and appreciate what these guys are foing on motorcycles that is in reality a track not much bigger than an ice hockey rink! – The video is not Monetized.)

I have put together a gallery of some of the action from both the Racing and the FMX sections of the show, have a browse and enjoy…

28th January 2016 ArenaCross UK, Belfast Gallery :

 photo IMG_7409_zpscimyyo5t.jpg photo IMG_7410_zpshlwiwzi1.jpg photo IMG_7411_zpsvw9chrzu.jpg
 photo IMG_7412_zps44jaojwi.jpg photo IMG_7413_zpslay6s4q7.jpg photo IMG_7415_zpstw4shr8a.jpg
 photo IMG_7416_zpsizp2bst3.jpg photo IMG_7417_zpsfjllturm.jpg photo IMG_7418_zpsztuxnerf.jpg
 photo IMG_7419_zpsv4gi15bx.jpg photo IMG_7420_zps2tn59s3v.jpg photo IMG_7421_zpstpfauq1t.jpg
 photo IMG_7422_zpsbmvfcp6m.jpg photo IMG_7423_zpswiapwdzg.jpg photo IMG_7424_zpsmmynizxh.jpg
 photo IMG_7425_zpsrt7flzfe.jpg photo IMG_7426_zpsdwkvovjr.jpg photo IMG_7427_zpspjotcapx.jpg
 photo IMG_7428_zpstso26oxx.jpg photo IMG_7430_zpsvf7gwvko.jpg photo IMG_7431_zpslyf4hjjs.jpg
 photo IMG_7434_zps0gh6l2bz.jpg photo IMG_7439_zps2cej5uvu.jpg photo IMG_7444_zps1bx8fhjx.jpg
 photo IMG_7445_zpsfk2w7rtp.jpg photo IMG_7446_zpsfttv9zjt.jpg photo IMG_7447_zpssgnizvyi.jpg
 photo IMG_7448_zpsdzbkobry.jpg photo IMG_7449_zpswmetehob.jpg photo IMG_7450_zps6wbpbnon.jpg
 photo IMG_7451_zps9zsuc51y.jpg photo IMG_7452_zpsnlh7dcgo.jpg photo IMG_7456_zpsjb5azut6.jpg
 photo IMG_7457_zpsyrqpta4k.jpg photo IMG_7458_zpsyfjfhwel.jpg photo IMG_7459_zps61pc418z.jpg
 photo IMG_7460_zpsm7cfrwnk.jpg photo IMG_7461_zps8v982ol1.jpg photo IMG_7463_zpsizeprvvn.jpg
 photo IMG_7464_zpswtmsdbuu.jpg photo IMG_7465_zpsymjcqgpf.jpg photo IMG_7468_zpsyr0sxigx.jpg
 photo IMG_7470_zpsgxzafcn6.jpg photo IMG_7471_zpsb80vf6l9.jpg photo IMG_7472_zpsexvshe3t.jpg
 photo IMG_7475_zpsru7cqys6.jpg photo IMG_7476_zpsf4wlbyld.jpg photo IMG_7477_zpsvwysjk0t.jpg
 photo IMG_7480_zps5s5obmqw.jpg photo IMG_7481_zpso2toivbv.jpg photo IMG_7482_zpstezfnxos.jpg
 photo IMG_7483_zpshyduhhem.jpg photo IMG_7484_zps8igyec6b.jpg photo IMG_7485_zpsqrj5r7ue.jpg
 photo IMG_7486_zpszheu9sjc.jpg photo IMG_7487_zpsu1wyv5ed.jpg


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