Motorcycle Winter Protection – ACF50, FS365 or WD40

Before going any further please read the following post :

The above covers the ACF50 product and its current number one condenter for the title of ultimate motorcycle protectant XCP Professional Rust Blocker.

So if that post holds the ‘considered’ top two products, why then the need for this post?  Simply some people havent heard of the products above or have been fed mis-information on the use (or usefulness) of these others.

A few points from my own experience:

  1.  WD40 is brilliant, but not as a winter protection product for a motorcycle, please don’t be using it as that!
  2. FS365 is a good product for frequent use, and by frequent I mean after ever ride, which can be quite costly.
  3. Personally, I use ACF-50 and between applications or after a particularly wet ride out I then cold rinse the bike and give it a good liberal dose of FS365.  I don’t know how necessary that is or isn’t but me me it has left my bikes spotless, winter after winter.

So the this test then is ACF50 v Scott Oiler FS365 and WD40, it was carried out by F2MCLTD who have kindly allowed me to link to their original experiment and findings :

Extracted from :

 Both samples were then sprayed with more salt water every other day for ten days. The ACF50 was not reapplied at any time, this test is to see if a single application could withstand repeated attacks of salt water. After 10 days the samples were left in a cold place as before so the salt water could work its evil magic. 

After 30 days (so this is 36 days including the original 6 day test) the samples looked like this.

Above - Sample treated with ACF50 after 36 day test
Above – Sample treated with ACF50 after 36 day test
Above - Untreated sample after 36 day test
Above – Untreated sample after 36 day test

Click here to see the full test and results.

So there it is, the decision is as ever of course your own, but from the above, and even considering its relatively high cost the benefits of ACF-50 are pretty apparent.

This blog reflects my own opinions, I am not paid to or for advertising by any of these products and the opinions from my own writing is simply that, my opinions.  Comments of course are welcome nbelow.



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