Lurgan Park Rally 2017 – Cancelled.

Lurgan Park Rally 2017 - Cancelled
Lurgan Park Rally 2017 – Cancelled

Yet another motorsport event falls victim to spiralling costs, increased Health and Safety requirements and ultimately lack of funding.

At this rate only the big players such as Formula 1, and Moto GP will survive and we will be stuck with what YouTube reminds us of our local events, when motorsports were there for all, to be attended and enjoyed by all.

The Club want the event back for 2018 – I really hope that happens, but unfortunately I see this as another step on the slippery slope to the end of local motorsports.  At least thanks to these ever increasing Health and Safety Standards we will all be absolutely safe, contained in our life preserving bubbles, I wonder what the view will be like though, hopefully not too bright as that could damage our retinas!  H&S will need to look at that!

Read the full article here :

Lurgan Park organisers have cited “a number of obstacles” behind the decision to cancel this year’s meeting.

North Armagh Motor Club officials have confirmed the decision to clear the 2017 calendar “with regret”. “It is with regret that the organisers of the Lurgan Park Rally have decided not to run the rally in 2017,” said a rally spokesman.

“The directors of the North Armagh Motor Club have made this decision because of a number of obstacles which have proved too difficult to overcome.

“The very first Lurgan Park Rally in 1980 was won by the late Bertie Fisher and the event – which has hosted such top international drivers as Ari Vatanen, Pentti Airikkala, Tony Pond and Mikael Sundstrom – has become a rallying byword for excellence over the intervening years.

“In addition, the event was one of motorsport’s social highlights of the season.” William Fullerton, the North Armagh Motor Club director, also described planning issues as a key reason.

“Lurgan Park is not available to us this year on our planned date so we had to opt for May 20,” he said. “We face an ever-increasing cost of meeting Health and Safety standards.

“Because of this, combined with the potential bill for repairing the grounds of this lovely park should it happen to be a wet event, we feel is too big a risk for the club.

“The earlier planned date also has a number of event clashes, as a result of which we have been unable to attract a suitable sponsor.

“The Motor club will attempt to run an alternative ‘Clubman event’ at a different venue on May 20 and will re-double their efforts to bring back the popular Lurgan Park Rally in 2018.”

Here’s hoping for a brighter 2018 for the Lurgan Park Rally!


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