2017 Isle of Man Practice Session Gallery – 30/5/2017

Guy Martin looking focused on the 2017 Honda Fireblade - Practice Session 30th May 2017 - Isle of Man TT Races
Guy Martin looking focused on the 2017 Honda Fireblade – Practice Session 30th May 2017 – Isle of Man TT Races

The weather has dominated the news at the 2017 Isle of Man TT Races so far.  Why?  Because it has been awful.  We should have had practice on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so far.  However due to a combination of rain, fog and rain and fog we have only had a one complete session which was Tuesday’s (30/05/2017).

The weather on Tuesday was glorious and to be honest bar a bit of a wash out on Sunday all day, the weather for some reason really has it in for the races at the minute as it has a tendancy to close in towards the late afternoon and evening.  Wednesday for examole was a glorious morning, come the late afternoon it started to close in and only one lap of the session was completed before the organsisers called the session off.

The weather on Wednesday 31st May 2017 morning - a glorious day!
The weather on Wednesday 31st May 2017 morning – a glorious day!
The weather on Wednesday 31st May 2017 evening - no wonder the session needed to be cancelled!
The weather on Wednesday 31st May 2017 evening – no wonder the session needed to be cancelled!

Here is a terrifying statistic…

  • We are now 1,539 practice @iom_tt laps behind last year (2016) or over 58,000 miles of a difference – almost 2.5 trips around the Earth!

And here are some 2016 v 2017 figures to show how far behind we currently are :

Qualifying Laps :

  • Total : (2016) 1641 / (2017) – 528
  • Difference -1113 laps on 2016
  • Superbike : (2016) 556 / (2017) – 196
  • Supersports : (2016) 549 / (2017) – 183
  • Superstocks : (2016) 89 / (2017) – 28
  • Lightweights : (2016) 167 / (2017) – 48
  • Sidecars : (2016) 270 / (2017) – 73

The good news is the weather looks for tomorrow and the schedule has been revised to get a lot of action in over the coming weekend.

Check out the Revised Schedule Here for 3rd – 6th June 2017.

Photos for this session were taken from the area of Ballaugh Bridge and the Gooseneck on the Mountain Road Section.

As with all of my photos please feel free to like, share and even use them.  If you do use them however please credit me with the photograph – Don’t steal it.  I don’t want to start watermarking my photos so if you do use it please – do the right thing.

Also all photos are available in full resolution, so if you would like any of the photographs in their full uneditted glory please just let me know – especially if you are one of the riders!

Contact Me Here.

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2017 Isle of Man TT Tuesday 30th May 2017 Practice Session Gallery :

 photo P1040359_zpsvkhezwqy.jpg photo P1040360_zpsitm7w5o0.jpg photo P1040362_zpsyhzj0c7c.jpg
 photo P1040364_zpsmpmynqx8.jpg photo P1040365_zpswbmeruof.jpg photo P1040367_zpskx6rgd9n.jpg
 photo P1040366_zpsbf7lbuxs.jpg photo P1040368_zpsy4ogixlw.jpg photo P1040369_zpsohurhks0.jpg
 photo P1040370_zpsgssabfp9.jpg photo P1040372_zpsxaykr642.jpg photo P1040373_zps32fleifg.jpg
 photo P1040375_zps73oqh42r.jpg photo P1040376_zps0xr0uf3i.jpg photo P1040377_zpsnlwwz60z.jpg
 photo P1040378_zpsxjhhvjw9.jpg photo P1040380_zpsvadhajvq.jpg photo P1040381_zps9jzuj0gk.jpg
 photo P1040382_zpsyu8zc8fu.jpg photo P1040383_zpskiugvvlo.jpg photo P1040384_zps3oimrrqy.jpg
 photo P1040386_zpssyoaiwyl.jpg photo P1040388_zpsuaidyn7s.jpg photo P1040389_zps2e4jtcxm.jpg
 photo P1040390_zpsqlzfczej.jpg photo P1040391_zpsble91j3a.jpg photo P1040392_zpsfpjlzlzw.jpg
 photo P1040393_zpsq9napv6e.jpg photo P1040394_zps1duq0sji.jpg photo P1040395_zpsct8vpu2b.jpg
 photo P1040396_zpsddmnepqo.jpg photo P1040397_zpsxwepxtgp.jpg photo P1040398_zps20ixne3r.jpg
 photo P1040399_zpsnt0pixu3.jpg photo P1040400_zpsm7xnjy5y.jpg photo P1040401_zpsuzsrfyxr.jpg
 photo P1040402_zpsjvb2stzx.jpg photo P1040404_zpsmsxgkrr0.jpg photo P1040405_zpsovlefbnt.jpg
 photo P1040406_zpsklnrlo9g.jpg photo P1040407_zps75gwpzeg.jpg photo P1040408_zpslwjslynx.jpg
 photo P1040409_zpslqxb2jdc.jpg photo P1040410_zpstovateld.jpg photo P1040411_zpscpsxtdcs.jpg
 photo P1040412_zpsbmxhuvwp.jpg photo P1040413_zpsglrdwe7i.jpg photo P1040414_zpshpiftnek.jpg
 photo P1040415_zpsvhqf0jhf.jpg photo P1040416_zpsf7cejicb.jpg photo P1040417_zpsadgfjebe.jpg
 photo P1040418_zpsbwfup0qm.jpg photo P1040419_zpswz6jj2qi.jpg photo P1040420_zpsx15yq7ga.jpg
 photo P1040422_zpsoigngs7b.jpg photo P1040424_zpsqpzf2lwo.jpg photo P1040425_zpslvmz9xv4.jpg
 photo P1040426_zpstzcksnht.jpg photo P1040427_zpsi0f2hdt2.jpg photo P1040428_zpsvrzfmulg.jpg
 photo P1040429_zpsjcouhmcv.jpg photo P1040430_zpszowk5is3.jpg photo P1040431_zpswdt8ywax.jpg
 photo P1040432_zpsk0mmbut2.jpg photo P1040433_zpslm3js7mu.jpg photo P1040434_zpsoni0jlv5.jpg
 photo P1040435_zpspeiuyze8.jpg photo P1040436_zpsjw6lczjw.jpg
 photo P1040437_zpss5kpoomj.jpg photo P1040438_zps46j34nkx.jpg photo P1040439_zpskxplsirl.jpg
 photo P1040440_zpslnbrq8eh.jpg photo P1040441_zpsqcuylw7w.jpg photo P1040442_zpsgvn8fq46.jpg
 photo P1040443_zpspo1flntv.jpg photo P1040444_zpsvhjjo5kb.jpg photo P1040445_zpsep3qvjwj.jpg
 photo P1040446_zpscxdiflys.jpg photo P1040447_zpsz4k84cuh.jpg photo P1040448_zpselgpt3ou.jpg
 photo P1040451_zpskqctmidt.jpg photo P1040452_zpssoiel9s5.jpg photo P1040453_zpshhctakul.jpg
 photo P1040454_zpsxpu2g7ly.jpg photo P1040455_zpsvunawqto.jpg photo P1040456_zpssohxz9x4.jpg
 photo P1040457_zpsjoaogocb.jpg photo P1040458_zps8umgykap.jpg photo P1040459_zpsri9th4tq.jpg
 photo P1040460_zpsuhpqwjpx.jpg photo P1040461_zpshrkptlyc.jpg photo P1040462_zpsb5as3ed3.jpg
 photo P1040463_zpsx7mwpg1a.jpg photo P1040464_zpsqnfcwqof.jpg photo P1040465_zps3bn5bhn2.jpg
 photo P1040466_zpsnyuflorw.jpg photo P1040467_zps8jnvfusn.jpg photo P1040468_zpss7kozldp.jpg
 photo P1040469_zps04uum7tc.jpg photo P1040470_zpsknlehank.jpg photo P1040471_zpsrfnaiiwe.jpg
 photo P1040472_zpsi78ansnh.jpg photo P1040473_zpsxabspm6c.jpg photo P1040474_zps85raq7bc.jpg
 photo P1040477_zps8acaqg8z.jpg photo P1040481_zpswmow9cbk.jpg photo P1040482_zpsd0zu81ym.jpg
 photo P1040483_zpsu2dtzce4.jpg photo P1040484_zpsquaconbw.jpg photo P1040485_zpsyutewgmn.jpg
 photo P1040487_zpszljvohks.jpg photo P1040488_zpsuzvmb55p.jpg photo P1040489_zpsx2mq6ahj.jpg
 photo P1040492_zpsjrdwyy8m.jpg photo P1040493_zpsar88rx8g.jpg photo P1040494_zpsdmqfd0b0.jpg
 photo P1040496_zpscpvdluxx.jpg photo P1040497_zps5ghjf4rx.jpg photo P1040499_zpsxrxlarkh.jpg
 photo P1040502_zpszh8owwnl.jpg photo P1040503_zps42zoq8nx.jpg photo P1040504_zpsfu6lv1pt.jpg
 photo P1040505_zpsgcbtqtmr.jpg photo P1040506_zpszur7bdvp.jpg photo P1040507_zpsilwkmuaq.jpg
 photo P1040508_zpsamnwhafg.jpg photo P1040509_zpsqtcy2gbb.jpg photo P1040510_zpstelyb0kp.jpg
 photo P1040511_zpsfhxmyq57.jpg photo P1040512_zpsasmdnson.jpg photo P1040513_zpssftddsov.jpg
 photo P1040514_zpslwexvut5.jpg photo P1040515_zps6wuaqljs.jpg photo P1040516_zpsr5mwlfms.jpg
 photo P1040517_zpszwckiavn.jpg photo P1040519_zpsp4cquuap.jpg photo P1040521_zpsax2yfx0y.jpg
 photo P1040523_zpsavz7y7fy.jpg photo P1040524_zpsk48wloxa.jpg photo P1040525_zps1zzekooy.jpg
 photo P1040527_zpsjm1xju43.jpg photo P1040530_zpsds4kjzl6.jpg


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