2020 Cookstown 100 Gallery Updated

2020 Cookstown 100 Gallery Updated :

2020 Cookstown 100 Gallery
2020 Cookstown 100 Gallery

The 2020 Cookstown 100 Race Galleries have now been updated.

Sorry for the delay – but they are here now!

Just visit the link below, click on the race name and you will get the results card and a load of photos from the race… enjoy :


I’ll be posting some of these images on Instagram throughout the winter and spring so please ‘follow’ it also : https://www.instagram.com/tbni.blog/

Thanks and enjoy…

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Places + Faces G-Shock : DW-6900PF-1ER : Unboxing

The latest G-Shock Unboxing I have for you takes the form of a well known favourite, the DW-6900. This collaboration DW-6900PF-1ER is a result between G-Shock and PLACES + FACES.

The bad news is that this watch is already sold out throughout Europe and G-Shock have not confirmed if there will be another run or even how many units were produced.

The result is as expected – the DW-6900PF-1ER is already an urban classic and another hard to find collectable G-Shock. (Which is already (July 2020) reselling at 50-100% above RRP)

Places + Faces G-Shock : DW-6900PF-1ER
Places + Faces G-Shock : DW-6900PF-1ER

From G-Shock.co.uk : https://g-shock.co.uk/dw-6900pf-1er : Introducing the latest addition to the DW-6900 series. The DW-6900PF-1ER is a DW-6900 collaboration with PLACES + FACES, as part of the iconic 6900s 25th Anniversary year. The PLACES+FACES x G-SHOCK DW-6900 pays tribute to this with contrasting luminescent P+F branding against matte black on the strap. The collaboration includes all the technologically advanced treatments of classic DW-6900 including shock resistance, 200M water resistance, backlight, flash alert, multi-function alarm, 1/100th seconds stopwatch, countdown timer and 12/14hr formats.

The P+F is easily identified throughout the branding on the watch – the glow in the dark strap is just awesome and really helps this watch stand out from just another DW-6900.

Places + Faces G-Shock : DW-6900PF-1ER
Places + Faces G-Shock : DW-6900PF-1ER
Places + Faces G-Shock : DW-6900PF-1ER
Places + Faces G-Shock : DW-6900PF-1ER
Places + Faces G-Shock : DW-6900PF-1ER
Places + Faces G-Shock : DW-6900PF-1ER

Who are Places + Faces?

Extract from Grailed.com : https://www.grailed.com/drycleanonly/places-faces-history

Ceisay (right) and Soulz (left), Founders of Places + Faces
Ceisay (right) and Soulz (left), Founders of Places + Faces

“Founded in 2013 by college friends Imran Ciesay and Solomon Boyede (aka Ciesay and Soulz), the project began when Ciesay spent a summer in New York living with a family relative.

While initially interested in videography, Ciesay felt that medium too boring and time consuming, and instead chose to focus on photography. Constantly attending hip-hop shows, he parlayed an old blog he founded two years prior into an excuse to enter the press booth. Before long, the 20-something began masquerading as a photographer from London shooting for so-and-so outlet, finessing AAA (All Access Area) passes at notable shows across New York. With only a DSLR, he worked to score non-traditional images that set him apart from other show photographers. Named after the pattern which they caption every photo—Place: [Location] + Face: [Person]—the account began to attract a cult following.”

PLACES+FACES G-SHOCK DW-6900 Specifications :

  • Construction Shock-resistant 
  • Water Resistance 200 meters
  • Functions :
    Stopwatch: 1/100 second (00’00”00 ~ 59’59”99) / 1 second (1:00’00 ~ 23:59’59); measuring capacity: 23:59’59; measuring modes: split time
    Countdown Timer: Measuring unit: 1 second; countdown range: 24 hours; countdown start time setting range: 1 second to 24 hours; 1second accuracy; auto-repeat Alarm Multi-function alarm; hourly time signal
  • Other Functions
    Full auto-calendar; 12/24-hour format; EL backlight with afterglow; flash alert: flashes with buzzer that sounds for alarms, hourly time signals, countdown timer
    Accuracy at Normal Temperature ±15 seconds per month Battery Life 2 years on CR2016 
  • Size of Case 53.2 × 50.0×16.3mm Total Weight Approx. 73g

Read on for an Unboxing Gallery and more detailed product shots :

Places + Faces G-Shock : DW-6900PF-1ER
Places + Faces G-Shock : DW-6900PF-1ER

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Iron Butt Association Ireland : 2020 Irish Photo Rally

Iron Butt Association Ireland : 2020 Irish Photo Rally
Iron Butt Association Ireland : 2020 Irish Photo Rally

The 2020 Irish Photo Rally has now been announced by the Iron Butt Association Ireland. So if you are looking for something fun to do on the island of Ireland this year then this may be the calling you are looking for.

This year the theme is ‘The End of the Line’ and features railways all throughout Ireland, past and present.

There are 15 locations to visit across Ireland between now and the end of September 2020 so plenty of time to get all over the island, as the map shows you will be everywhere.

Not only that, from April to September the IBA Ireland releases one other spot that is only valid for that month – ‘The Brief’ which will be another point of interest somewhere in Ireland. This year they have been kind enough to give some hints as to where ‘The Brief’ will be located so you can plan your trips to take in a few of the 2020 Irish Photo Rally points as well.

The entry is a very fair 10 Euros and I guarantee you will see places you had no idea even existed.

Full details are available on the Official Iron Butt Association Ireland Website.

You can keep up to date with news and announcements on the Official Iron Butt Association Ireland Facebook Page.

Finishing the Iron Butt Association Ireland 2020 Irish Photo Rally and the monthly ‘Briefs’ will probably put a couple of thousand miles on your bike, but every one of them will have a purpose of a very rewarding completion of the rally.


Oh and in case you were wondering you don’t have to be an IBA Member to complete in this rally, although if you enjoy this you really should considering having a look at the qualifying rides that will make you a member, one specific to Ireland is a full lap of the island within 24 hours – that is an epic day out! (I have done it twice so if you would like to read a little more about those trips you can do so right here.)

If you would like an idea of where previous rallies took you then please read on…

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Motorcycle Live 2019 : Gallery

Motorcycle Live 2019
Motorcycle Live 2019

Motorcycle Live returns to the NEC, Birmingham in 2019 from 16th – 24th November 2019, so at the time of writing you still have time to visit the show and I can easily recommend that you do visit the show.

Official Motorcycle Live Website

I have reviewed the Motorcycle Live Exhibition a number of times of already – so have a look at them if you are undecided on your attendance. In summary though I have been going since 2014 and that trip requires getting up before 3am to make my flight and not getting home to around 11pm. That should be enough to make anyone think it is worth checking out – but let’s put it simply – it is a day walking about looking at bikes, talking about bikes, spending money on bikes or at least thinking about how you would spend money on bikes – how else would you rather spend a cold, damp November’s day?

Just for reference in case anyone – cough BMW Motorrad cough – is feeling generous this is now top of my wish list…

BMW R Nine T GS Urban 'Option 719'
BMW R Nine T GS Urban ‘Option 719’

Previous MotorcycleLive Resources :

Motorcycle Live 2014 : Includes the first pics of the new Africa Twin – that was exciting and a dyne testing of the Kawasaki H2

Motorcycle Live 2015 : A gallery

Motorcycle Live 2017 : MCL in a Day – from Northern Ireland : A detailed review on the event as a traveller – getting flights, getting fed, getting round the show and getting back to Northern Ireland all for about £50 – and this is still the method I use.

Motorcycle Live 2018 : A detailed review on the event with some highlights picked out – from Best Display – to Most Wanted – to Bike that Got Me Thinking.

Back to Motorcycle Live 2019 :

At the bottom of this post you will find my full Motorcycle Live 2019 Gallery, but it is worth checking out my Instagram for a regular boost of Motorcycles | Technology | Photography – I would really appreciate the follow.

TBNI.Blog Instagram
TBNI.Blog Instagram

A few other bikes really caught my attention – this Suzuki DR800S has 5 miles on the clock!

Suzuki DR800S
Suzuki DR800S

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2019 Isle of Man TT Qualifying Session 2 : 28/05/2019 : Gallery

If you feel like you are having a shortage of motorcycle exposure at this year’s TT don’t panic – you are! However things are looking much more positive for two reasons!

Peter Hickman at TT 2019 Qualifying (28/05/2019)
Peter Hickman at TT 2019 Qualifying (28/05/2019)
  • Firstly tomorrow (03/06/209) is Race Day 1 – and it is going to be a whopper. Just look at this schedule :

TT2019 Schedule : Monday 3rd June 2019 : Race Day!

Tomorrow we go racing!#tt #tt2019 #2019tt #TTRaces #TTRaces2019 #2019TTRaces

Oh and it is going to be glorious ☀️ pic.twitter.com/Y5cuqHB1ic— ?? ?TomBoyNI™? ?? (@TomBoyNI) June 2, 2019

  • Secondly I have a gallery for you from Tuesday’s Qualifying Session (28/05/2019)

Enjoy and get comfy for what should hopefully be a full day of zoom zoom!

Check out the Results from the Qualifying Session on 28/05/2019 here: https://tbni.blog/2019/05/31/2019-isle-of-man-tt-qualifying-session-2-28-05-2019-results/

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Blackford Pre-TT Classic Races : Billown : 27th May 2019 Gallery

Jamie Coward storming off to his win in the 2019 Blackford's Pre-Tt Classic Superbike Race on 27th May 2019
Jamie Coward storming off to his win in the 2019 Blackford’s Pre-Tt Classic Superbike Race on 27th May 2019

I got over to the Isle of Man for the last day of the Blackford Pre-TT Classic Races in Billown, Isle of Man which takes place on the Southern 100 course.

This is a brilliant event with really good racing over small engine 250cc classes right through to Classic Superbikes and Sidecars.

If you are lucky enough to be over prior to the start of the TT it is an absolute necessary stop – three days of great multi start racing. Or even better if you are planning your trip over for the TT you really should consider factoring in an extra couple of days and take in this event.

Don’t forget the Post-TT Races – so you should maybe factor in an extra day on the end of your trip!

The gallery from this event is at the bottom of the post, be sure to click ‘Read More’ and scroll to the bottom.

Check out the Results from the 2019 Pre-TT Classic Races Here :

2019 Pre-TT Classic Results

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Halide Camera App – Alternative iOS Camera App : Review

Having recently been restricted to using only my iPhone at a couple of motorcycle road races I found the native iOS Camera App lacking. Thankfully I found the Halide Camera App.

Until this point I had tried a few iOS Camera apps but always found myself going back to the original iOS Camera. ‘It just worked.’ It was handy, wasn’t full of fluff – a proper point and shoot experience, which to be fair is probably what 99% of camera phone users need 99% of the time.

Generally for motorcycle racing events I would have used my Panasonic TZ80 or Cannon DSLR – the ability for a fast shutter is obvious when motorcycles scream past you at speeds I could only guess.

For reasons outside of my control I found myself at the 2019 Cookstown 100, and 2019 Tandragee 100 road races with only my iPhone X. It was instantly apparent that the native iOS app was not going to produce images that were in anyway usable for me – I should be more specific – the native iOS was not going to produce images of the racing and moving motorcycles that were in anyway usable.

2019 Tandragee 100 native iPhone X Camera
2019 Tandragee 100 native iPhone X Camera

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2019 Tandragee 100 Photos : (Qualifying & Race Day)

2019 Tandragee 100
2019 Tandragee 100

You are bound to already know that the 2019 Tandragee 100 was a cracker.

Derek McGee took four wins, Derek Shiels nipping the 1st Superbike Open Race from him in a day that was full of duels and mass brawls all down the grid.

The weather was glorious – maybe a little chilly for the weaker amongst us, but all in all glorious.  The event was smoothly run without any major hiccups.

Again due to other commitments I was restricted to using the camera phone again but I have uploaded the useable photos.

Maybe you will see your favourite racer, maybe you will see yourself.  I appreciate the quality certainly isn’t professional but if see something you want to use, please do so – just don’t claim it to be your own.  That is all I ask.

Want to read more about the 2019 Tandragee 100?  Then check out these links :

2019 Tandragee 100 Practice Session

2019 Tandragee 100 Results

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Hello Maritime Mile, Belfast

Hello Maritime Mile
Hello Maritime Mile

#HelloMaritimeMile Press Release :

Previously silent objects are waking up and looking for someone to chat to!

Date: 4 Feb 2019 – 17 Mar 2019
Time: Any time that takes your fancy between the above dates.
Venue: From Donegall Quay, Belfast to Queen’s Road, Belfast

Objects along the stretch known as Maritime Mile in Belfast are ‘waking up’, and anyone with a mobile phone can strike up a conversation and hear what they have to say!

Starting at the Big Fish at Donegall Quay, people will be able to interact by text with a range of well-known maritime landmarks, finishing at the HMS Caroline at Alexandra Dock. Key ‘objects’ include:

Big Fish
Belfast Harbour
SS Nomadic
Titanic Belfast
The Great Light
HMS Caroline
The project aims engage both visitors and residents of the city to learn more about the notable landmarks that are located along the scenic riverside stretch, as well as have some fun.


‘Hello Maritime Mile’ is a pilot ‘Smart Cities’ project between Belfast City Council, Titanic Foundation, Tourism NI, Ulster University and Hello Lamp Post. It will run for six weeks until St Patrick’s Day (17 March). See our St Patrick’s Day events.

How to play

1. Find an object
Look out for an object signposted with the yellow branding.

2. Say ‘Hello’
Send a text to 028 250 222 55 in this format:
“Hello” plus object name e.g. “Hello Big Fish”

3. You’ll soon get a reply!
Chat with the object to learn some fun facts and hear other peoples’ stories.

Please note, standard network rates apply and all messages are anonymous.

See the original article here : https://www.belfastcity.gov.uk/events/Event-101787.aspx

Information from DiscoverNorthernIReland Website : https://discovernorthernireland.com/things-to-do/activities/tours-and-itineraries/maritime-mile2/

The Hastag : #HelloMaritimeMile :

Make sure to use the hashtag #HelloMaritimeMile and upload you best snaps to Instagram and Twitter.

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/hellomaritimemile/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/search?q=hellomaritimemile

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Iron Butt Association Ireland : 2018 Photo Rally : A Bridge Too Far

Iron Butt Association:

Have you ever thought that you fancy trying something other than the usual Sunday run out on the bike, along the same route, with your head down and bum up?

If so have you ever considered long distance motorcycling?

That is what the Iron Butt Association is all about.  Safe, enjoyable long distance motorcycle riding that gets you out and about to places you probably haven’t seen before, or take routes or challenges that you probably had never even thought of before.

“The 60,000+ members of the Iron Butt Association are dedicated to safe, long-distance motorcycle riding. Although based in the United States, we have thousands of enthusiastic members throughout the globe! One of our more popular slogans is, “The World Is Our Playground.”

Check out out the IBA Website here : http://ironbutt.com

Check out the IBA Ireland Website here : https://www.ibaireland.org

Check out the IBA UK Website here : https://www.ironbutt.co.uk

IBA Ireland : 2018 Photo Rally : A Bridge Too Far IBA Ireland : 2018 Photo Rally : A Bridge Too Far

A Bridge Too Far :

Having been a member of the Iron Butt Association for a few years now I thought I would give their 2018 Photo Rally a go.

The info on their site sums it up pretty well :

Iron Butt Association Ireland Photo Rally 2018
Iron Butt Association Ireland Photo Rally 2018

The locations are spread all over the island of Ireland and the route between them amounts to many thousands of miles.

I’m sure you could plan a route and tackle every location across a few days (reducing the mileage), but personally I used my free time over the summer months and probably took about 5 or 6 individual day trips to gather up all the checkpoints.

Some of those days trips were very long.  For example my final trip took in the far west and south west of Ireland  coming from Northern Ireland that specific trip, which took in 4 bridges started at 7.00am and finished at 1.30am and consumed about 780 miles.

But long mileage is all part of the Iron Butt Challenge, so if you enjoy full days in the saddle, seeing parts of the country (world even) that you probably didn’t even know about Photo Rallies are a good way to go about it and there are plenty of them about.  Most motorcycle clubs, and the bigger Internet forums all offer Photo Rallies, so now that winter is here have a good look about and see what may take your fancy for the next year.

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