Manx GP and Classic TT Number Plates / Colour Schemes

With so many categories racing in the Manx GP and Classic TT events I have pulled this information from the ‘Regulations Supplement’ book for easy reference (and in case you were not aware.)

Now you will be able to easily identify a motorcycle, the class and the event it is racing in just by its racing number and the colour of its back plate.

500cc Classic TT : Yellow Plates with Black Digits :

350cc Classic TT : Blue Plates with White Digits :

Formula 1 & Formula II Classic TT : White Plates with Black Digits :

Manx Grand Prix (MGP) Newcomers (A/B/C) : Red Plates with White Digits :

Junior Manx Grand Prix (MGP) : Black Plates with White Digits :

Lightweight and Supertwin Manx Grand Prix (MGP) : Green Plate with White Digits :

Senior Manx Grand Prix (MGP) : Yellow Plate with Black Digits :


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