2017 Classic TT : Saturday 26th August 2017 Dunlop Lightweight Classic TT Race Results :

This week the lightweights have all been about Bruce Anstey and when the time came to shine – he didn’t disappoint. During the week he took the lap record and trashed it (unofficially) – today he took it again – officially.




Dunlop Lightweight Classic TT – Race Results:

1 Bruce Anstey

2 Michael Rutter

3 Ian Lougher

4 Ivan Lintin

5 Phil Harvey

6 Dan Cooper

7 Paul Owen

8 Stuart Hall

9 Rikki McGovern

10 Dan Stewart

11 Peter Boast

12 Alex Sinclair

13 Michael Sweeney

14 Steven Howard

15 Adrian Morris

16 Ben Rea

17 Tom Snow

18 Peter Moore

19 Dave Madsen Mygdal

20 Stephen Ault

21 Eric Lenser

22 Jim Barnett

23 Simon Hunt

24 Alistair Haworth

25 Chris Moore

26 James Ford

27 Christopher Dowling

28 James Tye

29 Andrew Cowie

30 David Glover

31 Grant Dalton

32 Lee Jennings


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