2017 Classic TT : Tuesday 29th August 2017 : Newcomers A & B Manx Grand Prix Results :

Congratulations to Brad Vicars taking the win in the 3 lap Newcomers A Manx GP Race, Darryl Tweed taking second and Stephen Parsons filling the podium in third.

The Newcomers B Manx GP top three was the filled by the first place of Derek Wilson, second was Ben Rosendaal and Lee Bass in third.

See below for official race timings and speeds.



Newcomers A Manx Grand Prix Race Results:

1 Brad Vicars

2 Darryl Tweed

3 Stephen Parsons

4 Andrew Fisher

5 Mike Norbury

6 Francesco Curinga

7 Matt Stevenson

8 Richard Stubbs

9 Miroslav Sloboda

10 Andrew Windsor

11 Stephen Casey

12 Stuart McCann

13 Daryl Dorlich

14 Dan Beighton

15 Adam Bauer

16 Sebastian Witt

17 Fabrice Faivre

18 Aaron Mellish

19 Teddy Bresson

20 Ramon Basomba

21 Bertus Folkertsma

Newcomers B Manx Grand Prix Race Results:

1 Derek Wilson

2 Ben Rosendaal

3 Lee Bass

4 Nick Southerwood

5 Ian Stanford

6 Martin Currams


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