29/05/2018 Isle of Man TT Practice / Qualifying Sessions Gallery

2018 Isle of Man TT Practice Session 29/05/2018 :

Another glorious day on the Isle of Man.  So it was off to the course to have a few runs round the Mountain Road before heading to a new vantage point to watch the evening’s qualifying / practice sessions.

The first thing I noticed was the iconic house that I knew as the ‘PokerStars House’ was now the ‘Honda House.’

Isle of Man TT Races – Honda House

Missing getting over the mountain in 2016 I watched the session from this park – it is a good viewing area if you ever visit.

If you look towards the house you will see lots of bikes parked up.  That’s because the Mountain section was closed due to a collision, unfortunately this year this was an all too common occurrence.

Isle of Man TT Races – Queue for the Mountain section

Anything untoward on the Mountain will result in the entire road getting closed, this year we had everything from animals (wild and domestic), breakdowns, even people driving the wrong way on it (as it is a one way system) and collisions.  The latter will result in long closures on the road as the casualty has to be treated and removed, the bike recovered, the road cleaned and maybe even repaired along with any roadside furniture that has been damaged so a minor off for a rider could result in a closure of 60 – 90 minutes.  A serious collision could result in a closure of several hours.

Unfortunately too many of these closures are a result of riders riding outside and over their limits or simply having no care or consideration for others.

What frequently happens is the road closes – for hours – then opens and almost instantly is closed again when someone’s ambition outweighs their ability.

Of course accidents can and always will happen but as every media outlet on the island preaches, along with the Police, everyone on the island and the Mountain section has a responsibly for themselves and everyone else on the road to have a safe TT.

I hope that doesn’t’t sound like too much of a rant, but I think it needs to be said, if you have been to the races no doubt you will have experienced this closure, I hope you never are involved in the closure (same for me and my buddies) and if you are looking forward to your first visit it is best to be aware of it. The Mountain section is crazy – keep your riding within your limits and keep an eye on your mirrors – a lot!


You can break the Mountain into two parts and take a break at the top. It is a great spot for viewing, relaxing, visiting the Joey Dunlop Memorial and watching the others having their ‘snort over the Mountain.’

From here it was back off the Mountain to get fed and then to our vantage spot for the evening.


This spot is actually so close that you could touch the riders’ helmets as they zoom past, of course you must not do that, and if you were stupid enough to do that I’m sure the Isle of Man Police could find a nice cell for you, then the judge could upgrade that cell for a few years… You can find it here :






Another glorious night in the Isle of Man marked by that still full moon rising over Douglas.


Tonight’s photos are by Chris.

29/05/2018 Isle Of Man TT Practice Day Gallery :


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