Bumblebee Movie – A 1 Minute Review

Bumblebee Movie
Bumblebee Movie

As a huge fan of Transformers when the trailer dropped for an origin movie for Bumblebee it would be fair to say I was excited.

The movie was released and off I zipped to the cinema.

Movie Synopsis :

“On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard in a small Californian beach town. Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), on the cusp of turning 18 and trying to find her place in the world, discovers Bumblebee, battle-scarred and broken. When Charlie revives him, she quickly learns this is no ordinary, yellow VW bug.”

I don’t like to read too much about movies before I see them, but one preview I did read stated this :

“The perfect blend of action, heart and humour.”

It is hard to say more than that – it sums everything up perfectly, it is the perfect blend of action, heart and humour.

This is my one minute review :

You will follow the story of Bumblebee from Cybertron to Earth – and see why this journey even has to happen.

Bumblebee is in his original Volkswagen Beetle form and meets his first Earth ‘bestie’ – Charlie Watson and together they team up with other Autobots, ultimately resulting in the essential and expected battle of good versus evil between themselves and a number of Decepticons.

Bumblebee : Autobots and Decepticons
Bumblebee : Autobots and Decepticons

This time however we don’t have Michael Bay directing the action, which in my opinion is only a good thing, because as the last five movies evolved so too did his use of the ‘slow-mo’ button, right up to the point were it was unbearable – so rest assured the ‘Slow-Mo’ button isn’t a problem in Bumblebee.

The movie has a ‘PG’ rating and this does show through, the only real opportunity for blood results in the human involved producing some sort of clear plasma fluid rather than the red stuff that keeps us all ticking over.  Furthermore the story of the bond developing between Bumblebee and Charlie is very ‘Iron Giant’ – with Bumblebee starting off a little more meek and timid than I had ever imagined him to be.

However these aren’t negatives, it is just the way it is.  It is a PG so expect a more youngster friendly story, but don’t worry, Bumblebee can still fight and when he needs to he can still ninja with the best of them.  The fight scenes are as big and epic and you would have hoped and for me the pièce de résistance is when we get a glimpse at 1980’s Optimus Prime – I won’t show you him in his ‘Truck’ mode – go watch the movie for that little piece of retro heaven.

Optimus Prime makes an Appearance in the Bumblebee Movie
Optimus Prime makes an Appearance in the Bumblebee Movie

So all in, we have a buddy story (although a very PG one), epic fight scene and an origin story for one of this world’s favourite robot heroes – it really is “The perfect blend of action, heart and humour.”

As of the 7th January 2019 Rotten Tomatoes has Bumblebee sitting with a 93% rating – that is no mean feat.  So far box office figure haven’t been as high as I feel they should and the film industry seems to agree that the low Box Office take can be blamed on a hectic Christmas Release schedule that saw Bumblebee up against Aquaman (65%), Spiderman : Into the Spiderverse (97%) and the Mary Poppins (78%) reboot.  Hopefully it will get the audiences it deserves because if this is how the reboot goes there is so many more origin stories that are deserved to be told, unfortunately in Hollywood stories come second to revenue.

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Bumblebee Wallpaper – iPad

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