2019 Tandragee 100 Photos : (Qualifying & Race Day)

2019 Tandragee 100
2019 Tandragee 100

You are bound to already know that the 2019 Tandragee 100 was a cracker.

Derek McGee took four wins, Derek Shiels nipping the 1st Superbike Open Race from him in a day that was full of duels and mass brawls all down the grid.

The weather was glorious – maybe a little chilly for the weaker amongst us, but all in all glorious.  The event was smoothly run without any major hiccups.

Again due to other commitments I was restricted to using the camera phone again but I have uploaded the useable photos.

Maybe you will see your favourite racer, maybe you will see yourself.  I appreciate the quality certainly isn’t professional but if see something you want to use, please do so – just don’t claim it to be your own.  That is all I ask.

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