New & Provisional 2020 Cookstown 100 Dates

Provisional 2020 Cookstown 100 Dates :

Provisional 2020 Cookstown 100 Dates
Provisional 2020 Cookstown 100 Dates

UPDATE 20/05/2020 :

Further details have been released by the Cookstown Club : Read the Press Release Here.

Maybe, just maybe we may get to see bikes on the roads this year after all.

In attempt to quell rumours and paddock whispers the Cookstown Club have issued a Press Release confirming that they are pursuing the 11th & 12th September 2020 as Provisional Dates for their 2020 event.

Obviously there are huge ‘ifs and buts’ around any event at the moment, but the Statement from the Club shows their line of thought and the potential measures that could be put in place for the safe running of the event.

2020 Cookstown 100 Official Statement : Issued 05/05/2020 :


After spending the morning reading utter rubbish posted online I think it’s time for an update from the ACTUAL organising people.

Our plans still remain the same to run on the 11th & 12th of September 2020.
We have sought our Road Closing Order and our Permit from Mcui UC on the above date.
The club continues behind the scenes to put in place, pre book and arrange everything that it takes and that is needed for our event to take place on the above date.
The club could have cancelled this year, but it continues to prepare for September to give riders and spectators something to look forward to in the midst of these hard times.

Although we will be taking advice and direction from various organisations and will have to abide by any legislation currently in place at the time of event, we are hopeful that with graduate eases of restrictions due to commence in ROI that NI Executive may also align with the these measures,and we will get to provide both riders a venue to get a spin out in 2020 and spectators a chance to see some racing from the guys who always put on a great show.

As no one knows exactly how this will all work or what the situation will be at the time of event. We as a club will do everything we can, right up to the last to try to make this happen in September.

A possible other option which is being looked at is, that if the event can be run with limited numbers directed by government, that the club will provide an online booking system, to which spectators will be able to pre book access to the event. This will only be an option and put in place if directed by relevant organisations.

I hope this clarifys to the public that we are continuing to push forward with the organising of the event and do everything in our power to bring the Cookstown 100 in 2020.


CDMCC chairman

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