MCUI(UC) Press Release – 26th May 2020

MCUI(UC) Press Release – 26th May 2020 :

MCUI(UC) Press Release : Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre)
MCUI(UC) Press Release : Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre)

It appears the to and fro between Ireland’s motorcycle sports governing bodies continues.

On the 19th May 2020 the Cookstown Club announced that they hoped to hold their postponed Cookstown 100 event on 11th and 12th September 2020. This was met with a reasonably mixed reaction from the public. The two sides of the coin were :

a. This is a good thing, if conditions around the current coronavirus issues allow it, it will mean bikes racing in 2020 and will give people something to look forward to after what has been a very disrupted year due to the cover-19 pandemic.

b. This is a bad thing, it will put people at risk and add stress to the NHS. People have accepted that 2020 will have no racing so why try and push this through and risk the public’s health.

Then on 22nd May 2020 The Motorcycling Union of Ireland issued a statement. In which they stated that they were ‘alarmed and annoyed to read that some individual organising clubs within the MCUI (Ulster Centre) are still intending to promote events in this current climate.’ Motorcycle Ireland continued… ‘They do not have the authority or support of the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland to promote these events in 2020.’

Obviously this caused further discontent and controversy over the planned 2020 Cookstown 100 event, with the supporters of points (a) and (b) above becoming more polarised. National newspapers ran with the story bringing the issues surrounding the event and the MCUI to the forefront of public view. Newsletter and Belfast Telegraph.

In the late evening of 26th May 2020 the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre) responded with their press release as below.

MCUI(UC) Press Release – 26th May 2020 :

The local Motorcycle Governing Body, the MCUI Ulster Centre have recently received a framework document from Sport NI, and are presently reviewing the 24 page document for guidance & compliance.  Motorcycling (Motorsport) is classified as non contact (stage 5).  We are currently in stage 1. 

As guidance and restrictions continue to change, it is still too early to make any decision on all events and we will continue to develop our operational plan to resume if possible whilst continuing to review and communicate with the various relevant authorities in the coming months.

If any events were to go ahead it would only be with the support and agreement with our Government, Local Councils, PSNI, Insurance and the wonderful NHS.

Within the sport, we also need the agreement of the dedicated medical teams and first aiders, timekeepers, scrutineering, marshals, flag marshals and all the fantastic people it takes to run a race, not forgetting the people we’re actually all here for, the competitors and the race fans.

If it turns out that that’s not possible this year then at least the operational plan will have been developed so we’re a step closer to running next year.

– David McCallister MCUI [UC] Honorary Secretary

What Does This Mean?

My reading of this is that the MCUI (UC) are in support of a rescheduled Cookstown 100 event with the following condition :

If any events were to go ahead it would only be with the support and agreement with our Government, Local Councils, PSNI, Insurance and the wonderful NHS.

MCUI (UC) – 26th May 2020

And to be fair, Cookstown have always had this same condition as shown from their initial 19th May 2020 Statement :

Although we will be taking advice and direction from various organisations and will have to abide by any legislation currently in place at the time of event, we are hopeful that with graduate eases of restrictions due to commence in ROI that NI Executive may also align with the these measures,and we will get to provide both riders a venue to get a spin out in 2020 and spectators a chance to see some racing from the guys who always put on a great show.

Cookstown 100 Club – 19th May 2020

So who knows where we actually stand? The MCUI and the MCUI (UC) seem to be in complete contradiction of each other, as are many racing fans, and we still have the ongoing health situation at the forefront of any consideration before any bikes race the roads.

September2020 is a long way away and we still have a long journey on the road to recovery. No doubt this story will develop and as it does / will keep you updated.


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