Oliver’s Mount Barry Sheene Classic 2020

Oliver’s Mount Barry Sheene Classic 2020 :

Oliver's Mount Barry Sheene Classic 2020
Oliver’s Mount Barry Sheene Classic 2020

Although not part of the Irish / Northern Irish / IOM Calendar, and therefore not usually or easily covered by TBNI.Blog, Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough has some great road racing events of its own.

And the good news is one of these events is this weekend! Yep that’s right, there is some real life actual road racing this weekend!

Important Information :

Oliver's Mount Barry Sheene Classic 2020
Oliver’s Mount Barry Sheene Classic 2020


Tickets are now available digitally and will be sent to the email address used when placing your order. Please ensure that you enter the correct order details when placing your order.  You can either print your tickets at home or bring your device to the circuit and show the email upon entry.  If you decide to bring your device on the day then please be aware you will need internet access on your mobile in order to display the email.


In 2020, the Barry Sheene Classic is a three-day event on Friday the 14th, Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th August. The Sheene Classic brings together hundreds of machines and riders from motorcycle racing history. On display and raced by riders of the calibre of Dean Harrison as well as legendary ex-racers. This event will be for solo machines only.

  1. Spectator numbers are limited to only 2500 per day. 
  2. Advance ticket sales only.
  3. Paddock tickets not available. Refunds will be given to anyone who has pre-purchased.
  4. Social distancing will be required. Face coverings are compulsory at events like road racing so please bring a mask or other acceptable face covering. Any mandatory requirements will be advised by email before the meeting.

Full information and online ticket purchasing is available here : https://www.dukevideo.com/prdOMBS2020/Olivers-Mount-Barry-Sheene-Classic-2020-Ticket

More Info on the Oliver’s Mount Barry Sheene Classic Event is available here : https://www.oliversmount.com/barry-sheene-classic/

The Oliver’s Mount Racing Official Site is available here : https://www.oliversmount.com

The Official Oliver’s Mount Twitter Account is Here : https://twitter.com/MountOlivers

The Official Oliver’s Mount Facebook Page is Here : https://www.facebook.com/oliversmountraces/

Oliver's Mount Barry Sheene Classic 2020 : Schedule of Events
Barry Sheene Classic 2020 : Schedule of Events

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