2021 Isle of Man TT Cancelled?

2021 Isle of Man TT Cancelled?

2021 Isle of Man TT Cancelled?

2021 Isle of Man TT Cancelled?

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Current Likelihood of 2021 Isle of Man TT Races

October 4th 2021 : TT decision ‘in next couple of months’, says Cannan

The treasury minister says a decision over next year’s TT will be made in the ‘next couple of months’.

Alf Cannan – 04/10/2020

Originally posted at : https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/tt-decision-in-next-couple-of-months-says-cannan/

October 17th 2021 : BSB Schedule Released :

The Provisional BSB Schedule has been released and given that there is now a direct conflict with the Isle of Man TT Race Schedule and the BSB Schedule I now feel that the likelihood of an Isle of Man TT in 2021 currently sits at about 10%.

BSB Provisional Schedule 2021
2021 Isle of Man TT Schedule

*The ‘Current Likelihood’ Graphic is NOT OFFICIAL. It is my estimate of how likely I feel the event is to run. Please do not book or cancel tickets from it. It is simply my feeling given the current global Covid-19 Situation, along with the News from the IOM, infection rates, lockdown, boarder restrictions etc. It has no basis other than my own thoughts on the subject and therefore it is a representation of a thought. No liability can be induced or inferred from it.

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