Apple iPhone Asking for Outlook Password?

Apple iPhone Asking for Outlook Password?

Has your iPhone recently started asking for the password to your Outlook / Hotmail email accounts when using the native iOS Mail App?

Apple iPhone Asking for Outlook Password

(For reference I am using an iPhone 12 Pro Max running the latest release of iOS14.)

Mine was, daily, sometimes more than once, and no matter how many times I went into settings and entered the passwords it would mess up and start doing the same thing all over again. Given the fact that I have multiple Outlook accounts this was a complete faff, time consuming and annoying.

There is an Outlook App which works pretty well, however I have multiple email accounts on multiple services including the email for this domain and I use Apple Mail on my Desktop and Laptop Machines so without the iOS Mail App it meant the real potential of using different apps for different accounts on both my mobile devices and computers.

I am sure it is something similar for you, hence why you are here.

But after scouring the internet and reading posts I may have just discovered a solution that works. And it seems I am not alone in this phenomenon – over 2500 people (at the time of posting) have stated they are suffering from the same issue on the Official Apple Support Forums.

Apple iPhone Asking for Outlook Password
Apple iPhone Asking for Outlook Password

I found a solution, and it doesn’t require deleting accounts from the iOS Mail app, Settings nor reinstalling the native app – all which also apparently work – but if you have multiple accounts that is an awful lot of hassle…

The Solution :

The Solution (for me) was pretty easy. I downloaded the Microsoft Browser – Edge, went to and logged into each account. When asked if I wanted to save the Password I selected yes. Then I logged out and logged into the next account – repeat as required.

That was well over a week ago and I haven’t had to relog into an Outlook / Hotmail account on my iOS Mail App. Of course there is the possibility that Apple or Microsoft fixed this bug on the same day that I took action but if you are experiencing this issue and don’t want to delete apps, settings and then reinstall them – which would of course delete any folders, saved emails etc that you have on the phone try this ‘Edge Solution.’

Microsoft Edge App for iOS
Microsoft Edge App for iOS
  1. Download Microsoft Edge for iOS
  2. Using the Edge Browser visit
  3. Log into your Outlook / Hotmail Email Account.
  4. When prompted to save the password select ‘Yes’
  5. (If required) Log out and repeat for each relevant account.
  6. Enjoy stress free email again from the iOS Mail App

Other Solutions :

If the above doesn’t work for you then don’t panic you still have options, although they are not as handy.

  1. Delete the affected accounts from iOS – Settings / Email Accounts.
  2. Go to the Native iOS Mail App and add the account again.
  3. (Some have suggested using ‘Other’ to add the account rather than the specific Outlook Option and have reported success in doing so.
  4. Keep your fingers crossed.
Apple iPhone Asking for Outlook Password
Apple iPhone Asking for Outlook Password
Apple iPhone Asking for Outlook Password
Apple iPhone Asking for Outlook Password

If that still didn’t work, there are now 2 options for you. Wait until Microsoft / Apple fix the issue. Going by the thread on the Support Forums they simply must know it is an issue, so I full suspect a resolution sooner rather than later.

Your final option is to go nuclear and delete the heap.

This will delete and saved settings / Folders / emails… Just assume this will delete everything!

  1. Delete the affected accounts from iOS – Settings / Email Accounts.
  2. Delete the native iOS Mail App.
  3. Turn your phone off.
  4. Let it sit for 10 minutes.
  5. Turn our phone on.
  6. Download the Native iOS Mail App from the App Store.
  7. Relog in your Outlook Accounts
  8. Keep your fingers crossed.

Other Services :

If after reading this and you have decided to wait for a fix, or the thought of deleting the Mail App and losing everything is just to much for you and you are going to wait for an official fix then there are other options.

  • You can bare with it, deal with the annoying pop ups asking for passwords and detailing ‘Account Errors’ and continue to use the Mail App in conjunction with the Outlook App or the Outlook website.
  • You can try a different email app. One of note that have used and it works well is Spark email. It will deal with multiple accounts and has iCal and other calendar integrations as well as Teams collaborations and just far too many other options to even start going into. It is worth check out though, even if the ‘Edge Solution’ works for you as it is a fully feature email client that works really nicely.
Spark Email App for iOS
Spark Email App for iOS

Let me know below if any of these Options work for you.

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