2021 Cookstown 100 Update : December 2020

Cookstown 100
2021 Cookstown 100 Update

2021 Cookstown 100 Update : December 2020

The Cookstown Club have released an information post / press release on the upcoming 2021 Cookstown 100 Races. With the Coronavirus pandemic still in full flow they have set out their plans and racing is still on the cards for 2021!

* Cookstown 2021 plans*

To avoid spectulation and second guessing for plans in 2021 for the cookstown 100 races, this is an update for competitors/teams and spectators.

Currently the Cookstown club hopes to run on the last weekend of April 2021.

Should the situation in regards to covid 19 still not be under control, the club has also been in contact with relevant bodies and have confirmed a back up date of 10th & 11th of September 2021 should we need to postpone our April date.

A decision will be made in March by the club and notice will be given well in advance, should we need to move from our preferred April date.

In regards to the current Covid situation and requirements for next year & to be able for the event to take place, although a vaccine is starting to be rolled out, from various conversations with outside bodies, it is clear already that restrictions will be in place in 2021.

Online booking system will also remain in place and limited competitor spaces may be required, and although we hope to have some lighter restrictions and protocols in place, there will however be restrictions which will have to be in place for this event and others to be approved and allowed to take place that is clear,especially as we continue to try for April date.

As like last year, there will be speculation and second guessing from some on this page and other various social media platforms in aspects of the event going ahead, insurance, goverment instructions etc. but again like last year, the club wish to advise both competitors/teams & spectators, that unless information is coming directly from the Cookstown Club, please take it with a pinch of salt.

We are well underway and things in place to be running the 88th Cookstown 100 races in 2021!!!

Any information which needs to be given to you all, will be done directly and as quickly as we know of it.

We were here last year with some who did not know what the club was doing behind scenes making out it wasn’t going to happen etc, but it did run and ran successfully.

Online booking will be opening again in January. However we have already issued a large amount of spaces via our christmas vouchers, so the availability will be even more limited than last year.

We will continue to provide any information quickly to keep everyone informed early.

But at this current time, everything is well underway to make sure Cookstown 100 is a go in 2021!!

CDMCCChairman 28/12/2020

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