Mous Infinity Case (iPhone 12 Pro Max)

Mous Infinity Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Having been a user of Mous cases since 2017 I was excited to see their range of MagSafe Compatible cases and accessories come out.

Disclosure : I purchased this Mous Infinity iPhone 12 Pro Max Case direct from the review is my own as are my thoughts on the product.

Mous Infinity Case - iPhone 12 Pro Max
Mous Infinity Case – iPhone 12 Pro Max

For the first time in 4 years I had moved away from a trusted Mous case to a Apple Leather Case so that I would try out and use a Apple Card Wallet – which is just an amazing piece of kit and if you like minimalist wallets, this, you will be sure to love.

The Apple Leather Case is without doubt a nice leather case, well manufactured and the leather looks and feels great.  For me though it just didn’t provide enough protection so I did not hesitate to get back onto the Mous Store when I heard the Limiteless 4.0 range had been release.  

Unfortunately the Limitless 4.0 range was all showing as sold out for the iPhone 12 Pro Max – and a number of weeks later (04/04/2021 at the time of writing) still is sold out.

The only MagSafe compatible product for the iPhone 12 Pro Max was the Mous Infinity, which comes in at a whopping £69.99.

To me, this looked like the natural successor to the Mous Clarity case which I used almost exclusively from the time I purchased it on my iPhone 11 Pro.

That was a product – like all Mouse products to this point – I have recommended without hesitation.

Is that a recommendation continuing?

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