Mous Infinity Case (iPhone 12 Pro Max)

Mous Infinity Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Having been a user of Mous cases since 2017 I was excited to see their range of MagSafe Compatible cases and accessories come out.

Disclosure : I purchased this Mous Infinity iPhone 12 Pro Max Case direct from the review is my own as are my thoughts on the product.

Mous Infinity Case - iPhone 12 Pro Max
Mous Infinity Case – iPhone 12 Pro Max

For the first time in 4 years I had moved away from a trusted Mous case to a Apple Leather Case so that I would try out and use a Apple Card Wallet – which is just an amazing piece of kit and if you like minimalist wallets, this, you will be sure to love.

The Apple Leather Case is without doubt a nice leather case, well manufactured and the leather looks and feels great.  For me though it just didn’t provide enough protection so I did not hesitate to get back onto the Mous Store when I heard the Limiteless 4.0 range had been release.  

Unfortunately the Limitless 4.0 range was all showing as sold out for the iPhone 12 Pro Max – and a number of weeks later (04/04/2021 at the time of writing) still is sold out.

The only MagSafe compatible product for the iPhone 12 Pro Max was the Mous Infinity, which comes in at a whopping £69.99.

To me, this looked like the natural successor to the Mous Clarity case which I used almost exclusively from the time I purchased it on my iPhone 11 Pro.

That was a product – like all Mouse products to this point – I have recommended without hesitation.

Is that a recommendation continuing?

Well, no.  Unfortunately not.

This is in my opinion the first time that Mous have dropped the ball.

As you can see from the photos I still use a skin, and if you are the same I suggest you use a dark skin.  This case picks up and attracts dust like crazy and once in the case it is obvious.  A darker phone or a skin is the way forward here.

Then there is the feel.  It feels ultra smooth, almost slippery.  It isn’t though, it is actually reasonable grippy, but it feels almost too smooth.  The Clarity case had nice black bumper edge, it added a texture that just made the grip much nicer.  Much much nicer.  

Staying on the material used, wow, does it show every mark!  I don’t have greasy hands, in fact with the amount of alcohol sanitising we are subjected to now my hands are, like everyone’s, probably too dry.  You wouldn’t know it to look at this case.  Simply holding it for a few moments has it feeling greasy and looking at it after that aforementioned usage would have you believe that a snail or slug had spent the last couple of days trying to set up a camp somewhere near by.  It always looks a bit grimy – so if you do get it then be prepared to clean it – a lot.

Mous Infinity Case - iPhone 12 Pro Max
Mous Infinity Case – iPhone 12 Pro Max

As far as function goes, like all Mous cases I would have no trouble trusting it.  It feels strong, like it could easily take a fall.  It fights tightly, so the phone inside is unlikely to come flying out in the case of a drop and bounce.  I actually wish there was a little more give as it wrecked my skin near one of the speakers as you can see in the photos below,  but strangely the case around the charging port is a little slack – almost a bit pliable like the older silicone type skins.  

The form on the case seems to stick quite well to what has worked for Mous so well for many years.  The case has slightly elevated corners, and the lip is higher than the screen the whole way round, but tapered towards the middle.  This gives the case a contoured grip but also ensures it stays off the table if you place it face down.  It makes the grip nice – mostly, the material definitely takes away from that tried and tested Mous grip though.  

Mous Infinity Case - iPhone 12 Pro Max
Mous Infinity Case – iPhone 12 Pro Max

Buttons – tactile and responsive.  No issues here.  Actually pretty pleasant to use.

The MagSafe – works, really well.  The magnets actually feel like they hold the Apple Wallet better than the Apple Leather Case.  I had no problem with it, so expect none with the Mous case.  In the implementation of the MagSafe they have actually done a great job.

I don’t do drop tests as I pay for all my gear, nothing to do with this review is sponsored – so I use my cases in the real world – but I am content enough with this to know it will do what it needs to do in case of an accidental drop.

The Price – expensive.  Very expensive.  £70 is just far too much in my opinion.  At £45 – £50 I may have been swayed more positively towards this case, but with so many good alternatives I fail to see why this case attracts such a premium price tag.

So looking back over this review what have I said?  MagSafe implementation is great.  Drop protection – well it is a Mous case, they throw their stuff out of helicopters.  The form is what we expect and should be nice to use and hold.  The buttons are tactile and responsive.  All positive, and that’s all the important stuff.  But the feel, the grimy look it picks up and the price all take away from what at its core is a decent case.  It just isn’t very nice to hold and use – and when that is the negatives on a product that you basically hold and use, that then houses a device that you hold and use – well, that’s not great.

Mous Infinity Case - iPhone 12 Pro Max
Mous Infinity Case – iPhone 12 Pro Max

Personally I will bare with it in the interim, but when the Limitless 4.0 cases appear back in stock that’s where I will be heading.  Unless you are really sold on a clear case and it must have MagSafe I would take a look at the Mous Clarity – it is much more pleasant to use, or even the Apple silicon case – it comes in at £49.

Check out the full Mous Range here.


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