Ken Block’s Gymkhana 8 – Ultimate Exotic Playground : Dubai

With it just being released 2 hours ago, feast your eyes on this :


Gymkhana 8 – Ultimate Exotic Playground : Dubai
Be sure to check out Blog for the full write-up.

What more needs to be said!  The guy is an outstanding pilot and every one of these videos instantly becomes epic and legendary!

And just check  it the location!

Dakar 2016 Routes and Stages Unveiled… The Odyssey!

Some day I will be doing this! Until such a time all I can do is follow it, and here is what I / we will be following in January 2016!


Today, the stages of the 2016 edition have been unveiled in Argentina:
3/01 – Stage 1: Lima – Pisco
4/01 – Stage 2: Pisco – Nazca
5/01 – Stage 3: Nazca – Arequipa
6/01 – Stage 4: Arequipa – Lago Titicaca
7/01 – Stage 5: Lago Titicaca – Oruro
8/01 – Stage 6: Oruro – Uyuni
9/01 – Stage 7: Uyuni – Salta
11/01 – Stage 8: Salta – Belén
12/01 – Stage 9: Belén – Belén
13/01 – Stage 10: Belén – La Rioja
14/01 – Stage 11: La Rioja – San Juan
15/01 – Stage 12: San Juan – Villa Carlos Paz
16/01 – Stage 13: Villa Carlos Paz – Rosario


2016 Dakar Route Unveiled Announced
2016 Dakar Route Unveiled Announced

Coming Soon – The Ultimate Car Clean

So I love cleaning my car, and I always do a thorough Spring Clean ever year, actually a couple of times a year.  This year, as I now have a garage I have decided to do an epic clean.  I reckon it will take four separate sittings, but unlike those crazy detailing sessions you see I prove myself in the fact that anyone who has the time can do one of my ‘Spring Cleans.’  So when I have done it I will post up the full process here along with the products used so you can all have a go yourself!

This one probably won’t be completed for a week or two though!