Extreme Stunt Show Gallery – Sunday 10th June 2012

Well the Extreme Stunt Show has left Northern IReland after a flat out tour of the Country. So I think it is safe enough for me to put the picks up now, without the chances of spoiling it for anyone.

If however you are in Europe elsewhere and the show hasn’t reached you, you may want to look away now…

A few thoughts first, and to start I have to say this was a really impressive show. In fact I remember saying to a friend when I seen the poster something along the lines of, ‘HAHA look at that shit, a travelling stunt show, what will the carnies do next!’

For that may I apologise!

These guys are two things;
1. Mad,
2. Unbelievably skilful!

The effort that is put into this show is amazing, the skills that the stunt guys and girls have are unbelievable. As Mr-T would say, ‘Get some nuts!’ These guys / gals have the nuts!

The only thing I can say then is it is a good thing this show is touring so more people have the chance to see it.

You have to remember what this is, this is a show that moves daily and from it they manage to put together a brilliant show daily that will make you squint, go ‘ooohhhh’ and ‘wooowww’ at least a few times.

Kids big and small are gonna love it! Why? ‘Cos Monster Trucks are cool!

A quick preview of the Gallery…



And for the full gallery check out our Facebook Page…It’s full of photos! Click here!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErNYVKN7s-E]


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