iTunes 11 – It is Here!

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Apparently the new iTunes is ground breaking, designed from the base up, intuitive, streamlined and ready to rock your musical library!

It is now here, and ready for download, and has been for a couple of days. I have been using at it now since its release and I quite like it. However I really liked iTunes 10, I know people said it was bloat, useless junk, however it did what I needed it to do, and for that reason I liked it.

So how then does iTunes 11 cope or compare. Well in my opinion at this early stage it copes, but only just. There is no doubt it is nice to look at but in my short time playing around with it I have the following questions!

1. Why can I not sort my Albums into order of date added! It seems ridiculous to me that this can not be done. You can go by Artist, Title, then Year as a sub category however not Year added, but year released, so if I get a new album, from days gone bay, it will be tucked away somewhere related to the Artist or Title, not when I added it, and I want my new music first, so sort it out Apple, let me do that!

2. To resolve the above I can go into a list view and see stuff in date added order, however I have no album art down the side anymore, and the tracks are not neccessarily in any order :

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 01.34.45

Why can I not have my albums sorted by date added and track no? Or any other combination of two things. Alphabetic and date? I dunno but at least by date in the proper order! I know the work arounds are to add albums in reverse order but really, should I have to? Nope.

Here now is my big one, at the bottom of my album list I have bucket loads of randoms that seem to have got mixed up from somewhere, now I have to scan every file to work out where it came from and have it added to the correct album via the GET INFO. WTF why did you bin so much Apple, sort it out!

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 01.40.18

Other than those two little niggles and once major WTF iTunes 11 isn’t too bad, it certainly looks slick, watch the Tutorial videos to get a good start on the new interface.


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