Unboxing : Casio G-Shock GX56-4ER – The King G (Orange)

In the G-Shock Watch World this huge G-Shock is affectionately known as the ‘King-G.’ And that it a title it rightly deserves.

At the time of writing this is currently the largest offering in the G-Shock range with dimensions of approximately 55.5mm x 53.6mm x 17.5mm (H x W x D).

This watch is truly a monster, and also my second GX-56 in my collection.

The first one I acquired being a GX56-1AER, which is identical expect in the colour scheme, namely black.

This version, the GX56-4ER is much more ‘in your face’ sporting a vibrant orange colour scheme that simply can not be hidden.
If you don’t like people checking out your watch from distances up to 200m maybe you’d be better opting for the black version!

The watch itself has all the features you’d expect now from G-Shock, 200m water resitance, shock resistance, date, time, alarm, stop watch, world times… and the list goes on. The is also an atomic edition of the watch so time zones and BST settings will never be an issue again.

Prices vary wildly for this watch so if you want one keep an eye out, I picked mine up brand new for £81.00 and have seen them listed for up to £200 for the non atomic variant!

One final point and it is the only bad point I have to make about this watch is that since this unboxing I have been wearing the watch daily, whilst working, socialising, running, biking and cycling. The watch gets grubby. The red resin strap is a bit like the any of the other coloured G-Shocks out there. The straps captured different, darker colours from any source, such as clothing, jackets or dirt and grime, it then holds onto them and won’t let go. It makes the watch look grubby, and if you want to wear the watch and enjoy it that is something that you just have to deal with. You can try cleaning it with Magic Sponge, or whatever your choice of cleaning system is but it will grab all any any dark colours, and it detracts from the look and feel of the watch.

However this thing is orange, let’s be real, even dirty it looks awesome!

(I Have choosen not to post pictures of the watch looking grubby, if you want to see what I am talking about just let me know.)

 photo IMG_3588_zpsb6d758c8.jpg photo IMG_3594_zps0da755fd.jpg photo IMG_3590_zpsb067ed31.jpg photo IMG_3592_zps198eacdb.jpg

 photo IMG_3598_zpsdb670e50.jpg photo IMG_3599_zpsa74edf4e.jpg photo IMG_3596_zpsdd6783cf.jpg photo IMG_3600_zpsfb12e116.jpg

 photo IMG_3601_zps1b07e7b6.jpg  photo IMG_3602_zpse7e155c9.jpg photo IMG_3603_zpsa4ec8345.jpg photo IMG_3607_zpsd8570f14.jpg

 photo IMG_3608_zpsb8438acc.jpg photo IMG_3606_zpsb184b374.jpg photo IMG_3604_zpsb894454c.jpg photo IMG_3615_zpscbbe37d9.jpg

 photo IMG_3616_zps7708d7b4.jpg photo IMG_3617_zps27a8eab8.jpg photo IMG_3614_zpsa9ccdf27.jpg photo IMG_3613_zpsdba658c2.jpg

 photo IMG_3611_zpsace01f0d.jpg photo IMG_3612_zpsf4902d3d.jpg photo IMG_3618_zps4e76bc79.jpg photo IMG_3619_zpsd0387993.jpg

 photo IMG_3610_zpse8e1633c.jpg photo IMG_3609_zps3ce511fc.jpg photo IMG_3626_zpseec23e4a.jpg photo IMG_3627_zpsac2ceefd.jpg

 photo IMG_3625_zps0dcfdcfa.jpg photo IMG_3622_zps18c03a84.jpg


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    • I got mine from Urban Industry (urbanindustry.co.uk).

      However I have just had a look and they seem have sold out or stopped stocking them. Google shows 2 in stock in the UK but coming in at £150.

      I would email urban industry and see if they can help you out. I found them great to deal with. Ordered on Day 1 at about 15:00 and received the next morning at 08:00!


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