FAKE LifeProof by Fre Case – A Guide to Spotting Nasty Fakes!

So after a thorough hunt on eBay I found a high feedback rated user, located in the UK (so local to me) who was selling ‘Genuine’ LifeProof Cases for the iPhone 5.

The case was at a price lower than RRP, but not by a huge amount. It certainly wasn’t one of these £9.99 ‘LifeProof’ cases that you see all over sites such as eBay, Gumtree, and now unfortunately, more frequently also Amazon.

The order was placed and delivery was next day, all in all so far great service from this ‘highly rated’ eBay seller. That is were the good news stops! Upon opening the box it was evident that I was NOT the proud owner of a genuine LifeProof Fre iPhone 5 Case. I was now the owner of a cheap and nasty fake. The only other option was that the genuine Fre LifeProof cases were in fact a very inferior product.

That is not the case! It is the fakes that are inferior!

Everything about them from the box, quality and decals, right through to the overall feel and fit of the case just screams nasty.

Here is a quick guide of what to look for, so that pretty much instantly you should be aware of a real v fake Fre LifeProof Case:

1. The LifeProof Logo on the Front of the box is missing the ‘TM’ sign or logo.

 photo 001_zps38b526f2.jpg

2. Everywhere on the rear of the box that mentions LifeProof is also missing the ‘TM’ sign or logo.

 photo 002_zpscde23f05.jpg

3. The Box itself is horribly assembled with poor quality glue that is likely to give way on your first opening of the box.

 photo P1040249_zpsae578035.jpg

 photo P1040251_zps3c019af1.jpg

4. The screen of the actual case is of poor quality, this is difficult to show in a video however it is not taught nor completely clear. It will be obvious.

5. If you get a black case, the inside of it will be white as opposed to black. (I got a white one so can’t show this).

6. The proximity sensor on a genuine case will change colour as you move the case about. Sort of like a polarising lens, the sensor on the fake case is just clear plastic.

 photo P1040274_zps0a70cefa.jpg

7. The fake iPhone insert that comes with the case is of poor quality, it will be obvious.

 photo P1040270_zpsa9165c80.jpg

8. The micro-fibre cloths are pretty much the same.

9. The instruction manual is missing the the TM sign or logo next to the LifeProof logo, as throughout the rest of the packaging.

 photo 003_zps010a2fec.jpg

10. The rear pieces have no real tell tale signs of being a fake.

11. The case may not even close properly!

 photo P1040279_zpsbe295e5c.jpg

12. Even the fakes have a serial number, which LifeProof uses in genuine cases for warranty purposes. (This is after the water test)

 photo P1040282_zpscff4d26c.jpg

I also carried out a water test of this case, unsurprisingly it failed miserably!

FAKE LifeProof Fre iPhone 5 Case – Water Test :

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kprr7KX9PbY]

 photo P1040280_zps106c0be8.jpg

 photo P1040281_zpsb2e99a5d.jpg

 photo P1040282_zpscff4d26c.jpg

 photo P1040283_zpsf0787418.jpg

Therefore in conclusion it could not be more simple, when it comes to the LifeProof Fre cases, do NOT buy fake, they are substandard and cheap, offering no protection to your phone at all. This is one such case where only the genuine article should be trusted!

Here is the full gallery of images from the FAKE LifeProof Fre Case:

 photo P1040234_zpscad7f9a2.jpg photo P1040235_zpsfc70c453.jpg photo 001_zps38b526f2.jpg
 photo P1040236_zps9333d48a.jpg photo P1040237_zps339b9550.jpg photo P1040238_zpsdc5c8f63.jpg
 photo P1040239_zps4b156e8a.jpg photo P1040240_zpsfaafe57b.jpg photo P1040245_zps7b56022f.jpg
 photo P1040247_zps364125b5.jpg photo P1040248_zpsccf184da.jpg photo 002_zpscde23f05.jpg
 photo P1040249_zpsae578035.jpg photo P1040251_zps3c019af1.jpg photo P1040252_zps494f1a19.jpg
 photo P1040253_zps61ed2410.jpg photo P1040254_zps1ba1b53d.jpg photo P1040256_zps0a61401f.jpg
 photo P1040257_zps6d8ab389.jpg photo P1040258_zps7ff16713.jpg photo P1040259_zps311dcfb2.jpg
 photo P1040260_zps6be5e88c.jpg photo P1040261_zps55ffac94.jpg photo P1040262_zps735954c2.jpg
 photo P1040263_zpsc62a5753.jpg photo 003_zps010a2fec.jpg photo P1040264_zps90f5b9d1.jpg
 photo P1040265_zpse9ae5497.jpg photo P1040266_zps7d2cf8fc.jpg photo P1040267_zps447f3cee.jpg
 photo P1040268_zps33313db1.jpg photo P1040269_zps51e4ff19.jpg photo P1040270_zpsa9165c80.jpg
 photo P1040271_zps5a1d52a2.jpg photo P1040272_zpsa522c59c.jpg photo P1040273_zps701eefee.jpg
 photo P1040274_zps0a70cefa.jpg photo P1040275_zps25775d3b.jpg photo P1040276_zps5cc081ab.jpg
 photo P1040278_zpsbfe53ae4.jpg photo P1040279_zpsbe295e5c.jpg photo P1040280_zps106c0be8.jpg
 photo P1040281_zpsb2e99a5d.jpg photo P1040282_zpscff4d26c.jpg photo P1040283_zpsf0787418.jpg


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