MacBook Pro SSD (Solid State Drive) Install Guide

If you ask anyone in relation to current recommended upgrades for their machines the most highly recommended and common answer will be, ‘install an SSD.’

An SSD is a Solid State Drive, and it replaces your HDD (Hard Disk Drive). It is basically a giant flash drive, with no moving parts or spinning disks and and pull information from itself almost instantly.

It is hard to beat Wikipedia for definitions so here you go :

Solid State Drive :

Hard Disk Drive :

The main benefits from such an upgrade are :

1. Massive improvement is booting times.

2. Massive improvement in program launch times.

3. Massive improvement in data access times.

4. So basically everything runs quickly.

I decided to take this upgrade on, and it is one that you can easily do yourself in about twenty minutes!

Here is a quick guide to get you on your way to a massive speed improvement of your machine. At the end I have added a video that shows my machine booting prior to the upgrade with the standard 750GB HDD installed, then booting up with the new 256Gb SSD installed.

Good luck and take your time, there’s no rush, and no reason to be troubled by this upgrade.

1. Make sure you have everything : You will need your new SSD, an external case for your old HDD (as well as aiding in data transfer if you decide to go down that route), a set of precision screw drivers.

 photo IMG_3556_zps0b81a4e5.jpg

2. Data Transfer or New Install? This is your next question, if everything is running hunky dory on your machine you may just want to do a data transfer, if not or you fancy a fresh install to iron out any little problems you feel may be emerging the choice is yours. I went for a Data Transfer and everything was working fine, and after it nothing had changed. It does depend on who you speak to on such a question, some say it should always be a fresh install, I think it is entirely up to you.

Anyway I went data transfer and to do that you will need a piece of software to copy your current drive’s set up onto the new SSD. I used Carbon Copy Cloner and for me it worked 100%.

3. Now install your SSD into the external enclosure (yep the SSD into the enclosure), or if you have a transfer cable plug it in, that will do the same job.

 photo IMG_3566_zps99456f41.jpg

4. Using CCC (Carbon Copy Cloner) make the SSD into a Copy of the HDD which is currently running your MacBook.

 photo IMG_3569_zps53342d02.jpg

5. When that is done, shut down your MBP, turn her over and remove the screws from the base.

 photo IMG_3572_zps8f566290.jpg

 photo IMG_3573_zpsc7c6196d.jpg

Note the two longer screws!

Marvel at the guts of your machine!

6. Unplug the power from the board.

 photo 001_zps34ba715a.jpg

7. Unscrew and remove this supporting piece.

 photo IMG_3577_zpsb0a33159.jpg

8. Unplug the HDD.

 photo IMG_3578_zps24e1ae6b.jpg

 photo IMG_3579_zps96da25fb.jpg

9. Remove the seating screws from the HDD and put them into your SSD.

 photo IMG_3580_zpsd725d8dd.jpg

 photo IMG_3581_zpsd565977f.jpg

 photo IMG_3582_zps81f08ee9.jpg

10. Seat the new SSD in place, using the seating screws as the guide.

 photo IMG_3584_zps20c3a21b.jpg

11. Plug the power back into the board.

 photo IMG_3586_zps388a728a.jpg

 photo IMG_3587_zps44e672b6.jpg

12. Screw the base back on…Job done!

All you have to do now is power your MBP and watch as the lightning speed starts.

SSD v HDD MacBook Pro Speed Test :


For reference the MBP Specs are :
– Early 2011 15″ i7, 2.2GHz
– AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphics processor with 1GB of GDDR5
– 8Gb 1333MHz DDR3 RAM
– OSX 10.8.3 Mountain Lion

The original HHD Specs are :
– 750GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard drive

The SSD Specs are :
– Crucial M4 256Gb SSD
– 500 MBps (read) / 260 MBps (write)

The full gallery of images can be seen below :

 photo IMG_3555_zps09667465.jpg photo IMG_3556_zps0b81a4e5.jpg photo IMG_3557_zps1b0fd41c.jpg
 photo IMG_3558_zps860a291b.jpg photo IMG_3560_zps134413ed.jpg photo IMG_3564_zps9a6a9e78.jpg
 photo IMG_3565_zps2df0364e.jpg photo IMG_3566_zps99456f41.jpg photo IMG_3567_zpsa5ac275a.jpg
 photo IMG_3568_zpsd69f78e0.jpg photo IMG_3569_zps53342d02.jpg photo IMG_3572_zps8f566290.jpg
 photo IMG_3573_zpsc7c6196d.jpg photo IMG_3575_zps7658e669.jpg photo 001_zps34ba715a.jpg
 photo IMG_3576_zps7c19e6a2.jpg photo IMG_3577_zpsb0a33159.jpg photo IMG_3578_zps24e1ae6b.jpg
 photo IMG_3579_zps96da25fb.jpg photo IMG_3580_zpsd725d8dd.jpg photo IMG_3581_zpsd565977f.jpg
 photo IMG_3582_zps81f08ee9.jpg photo IMG_3584_zps20c3a21b.jpg photo IMG_3586_zps388a728a.jpg
 photo IMG_3587_zps44e672b6.jpg


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