27/08/2013 – Tuesday’s Big Cup Tie One

Big odds of almost 118/1 for a bit of Capital One Cup fun tonight.

Good luck.


26/08/2013 – Bank Holiday Monday’s Big One

All kick offs are at 3pm except the big one – Manchester United v Chelsea which kicks off at 8pm!


23/08/2013 – Friday’s Big One

After hitting the crossbar with 8/10 yesterday here is today’s attempt. It’s another big odds accumulator spanning Europe!



22/08/2013 – Thursday’s Big One

With the qualifying rounds of the Europa League back this evening here is an attempt at a little flutter, the ten-fold returning over 170/1 at Bet365 at the time of posting.

Good luck.


20/08/2013 – Tuesday’s Big One

With yesterday’s big one hitting the crossbar with only two unlucky results here is Tuesday’s even bigger one!


A week without a computer

So it has been seven days since I sold up on my Mac set up. I have been ‘computerless’ for a full week and I have to say it is grim.

My set up consisted of an i7 MacBook Pro (early 2011) with an Apple Cinema Display (24″). The MBP was used in clamshell mode with an Apple wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

I had decided that I wanted to update to a new iMac as the portability of the MBP was something that I did not utilise.

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19/08/2013 Monday’s Big One!

Here is a big one for anyone interested in some Monday night football, with odds of over 100/1 it is a certain way to make a Monday night’s football that little bit interesting!

Good luck everyone and have a great Monday!


09/08/2013 – Friday Night Football Flutter

With the return of European Football after the summer break, here is a little quad that returns just over 7/1.

A little Friday night flutter…


G-Shock GDF100-1B (GDF100-1BCR) : UnBoxing

Another fantastic bargain I picked up on my holidays this year!

I have been keeping an eye on the Casio G-Shock GDF100 Series on Amazon, eBay and a few other watch retailers that I could find stocking in the UK, however prices were increasing on a weekly basis, then I came across this little puppy in the Florida Mall, a happy day it was!

It matches my requirements for a watch perfectly, a big, cool, G-Shock.

The Casio Site describes it as follows :

At A Glance

This totally new design for G-Shock comes packed with altimeter, barometer and thermometer, plus a powerful collection of additional features. Its design has been carefully crafted to incorporate a number of basic elements that reflect G-Shock’s unique individuality.

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iPhone 5 Lunatik Taktik Case : UnBoxing

I firmly believe a picture speaks a thousand words, so as with many of my unboxings, this unboxing is based around a photo gallery.

The Lunatik Taktik Case is a hardcore monster of a case. It started its life on KickStarter (a crowd funded startup site, that helps fledgling companies get the money they need from the public often by offering great incentives to ‘backers.’

As you can see from the photos this is a big case, nothing about it says subtle, it needs its own tool just to get it on your phone! The gorilla glass adding further protection to your phones screen and the overall styling shouting ‘go ahead, break me, I dare ya!’

Although obviously nothing is unbreakable, just ask the Titanic! However if this thing breaks in your pocket, there is a good chance your leg is broken too, so you’ll be more worried about that!

UnBoxing Gallery :

 photo P1030633_zpscd1c80e1.jpg photo P1030634_zps31f23e5e.jpg photo P1030635_zps4ef0ecfa.jpg

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