iPhone 5 Lunatik Taktik Case : UnBoxing

I firmly believe a picture speaks a thousand words, so as with many of my unboxings, this unboxing is based around a photo gallery.

The Lunatik Taktik Case is a hardcore monster of a case. It started its life on KickStarter (a crowd funded startup site, that helps fledgling companies get the money they need from the public often by offering great incentives to ‘backers.’

As you can see from the photos this is a big case, nothing about it says subtle, it needs its own tool just to get it on your phone! The gorilla glass adding further protection to your phones screen and the overall styling shouting ‘go ahead, break me, I dare ya!’

Although obviously nothing is unbreakable, just ask the Titanic! However if this thing breaks in your pocket, there is a good chance your leg is broken too, so you’ll be more worried about that!

UnBoxing Gallery :

 photo P1030633_zpscd1c80e1.jpg photo P1030634_zps31f23e5e.jpg photo P1030635_zps4ef0ecfa.jpg

 photo P1030636_zpsc2063a7d.jpg photo P1030637_zps1322a295.jpg photo P1030638_zpsea15d915.jpg
 photo P1030639_zpsdf6205b6.jpg photo P1030640_zps8a2651ee.jpg photo P1030643_zps23b31a64.jpg
 photo P1030644_zps28094174.jpg photo P1030646_zps901cbd9b.jpg photo P1030647_zpsc55ce864.jpg
 photo P1030648_zps1bee5b4c.jpg photo P1030649_zpsd1f1fcdd.jpg photo P1030650_zpsb2183bf2.jpg
 photo P1030651_zpsea4833d8.jpg photo P1030652_zpsd731d390.jpg photo P1030653_zps1f5739e0.jpg
 photo P1030654_zps51919a35.jpg photo P1030655_zps9758d2d0.jpg photo P1030656_zpsbd6e0cb1.jpg
 photo P1030657_zpsfee60be0.jpg photo P1030658_zps77c2e913.jpg photo P1030659_zps326040d7.jpg
 photo P1030660_zps89db7b34.jpg photo P1030662_zps1722cb6f.jpg photo P1030663_zps972be348.jpg
 photo P1030664_zps0039eca0.jpg photo P1030666_zpsc9df26da.jpg photo P1030667_zps5a6d17a3.jpg
 photo P1030668_zps05eae571.jpg photo P1030669_zpsda075320.jpg photo P1030671_zpsdf7c7ce3.jpg

As you can see from the pics, this is a well thought out case, it covers the ports well, keeping dust and grit out, however it is not waterproof, nor does it claim to be so. It has a cut out for the camera, the considerable depth of the case protects the camera lens although doesn’t affect the pictures you take, the flash still works, causing no shadowing or flash wash out. It has a lot of tough rubber in it’s construction which adds great drop and shock protection and as I have already mentioned the Gorilla Glass keeps your phone’s screen safe and clear.

Oh and the biggest one, this case looks amazing, the finish and quality are excellent, the red alloy port cover (on the black case) setting the case of beautifully.

The downsides that are worthy of a mention are the rubber backing makes it a bit sticky when sliding it into your pocket, it is heavy, very heavy, and it isn’t waterproof. Those points are me just playing devil’s advocate, the rubber backing is always going to be sticky, for me the protection it gives outweighs this, the weight again is something that comes with the nature of the case, and the waterproof aspect would be nice.

Oh and the biggest one, this is expensive! $125 from Lunatik.com

I purchased this case in April 2013 and used it daily until June 2013 when the Otterbox Armor took over, its waterproof qualities winning it for me, however if the waterproof thing is irrelevant to you and you need a tough case that is well designed and looks great this could well be the case you need!


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