A week without a computer

So it has been seven days since I sold up on my Mac set up. I have been ‘computerless’ for a full week and I have to say it is grim.

My set up consisted of an i7 MacBook Pro (early 2011) with an Apple Cinema Display (24″). The MBP was used in clamshell mode with an Apple wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

I had decided that I wanted to update to a new iMac as the portability of the MBP was something that I did not utilise.

In the interim I have been restricted to an iPad and an Acer Netbook.

As I am sure everyone already knows the iPad in this instance is a life saver and anyone considering going ‘computerless’ should definitely ensure that they have a decent tablet to close the gap.

The netbook has enabled me to do the more computer based tasks such as transferring videos to USB to watch on my tv and manage my music libraries. But wow is it restrictive and slow!

The netbook I recently purchased just to have a little play with, I have upgraded the RAM and installed windows 8 (on a 600 screen with a hack) which I will post about later. It adds a stop gap. A solution, but it is like a solution from a decade ago. Converting a 45 min tv show o mp4 took just over 30 minutes. Previously it took just mere minutes!

One other point anyone considering going more specifically ‘mac-less’ should be aware about is that a windows machine will not like your mac formatted drives so you will need a program such as MacDrive to read you disks, this will cost you your equivalent of $50 after your 3 day trial!

So it is now that my dilemma has arisen. What to do? I need an iMac. However the mutterings are online are that a new iMac is due late August early September 2013. This update is to include new Haswell processors. Now I know the difference in performance is about a 3% increase however will the refresh lead to new improved GPUs, a built in Fusion drive as standard, a retina option (more than likely not, in fact almost certainly not but the other options are a definite possibility).

These are the things I am trying to weigh up and I think a little wait just to be sure will benefit me in the longer term, however life without a computer is tough. Especially for a gadget geek.

Come on Apple lets get the finger out and get me running back at 100% thrust!


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