FAKE Otterbox Defender for iPhone 5s – Unboxing, Review and Warning!

IMPORTANT UPDATE : After making contact with Otterbox this case has found to be fake! A refund was received from the seller who claims it was a genuine mistake. The original post has been corrected by removing any reference to this case being genuine and any Otterbox related conclusions then, I would like to stress Otterbox were extremely helpful as was the original seller, however at this point I will use this post and associated gallery as an illustration of what you can look for for!

For clarity here is a copy of the confirmation I received from OtterBox informing me the case was fake :

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 12.48.32

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 12.48.50

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 12.48.50

Firstly let me stress I genuinely like Otterbox stuff, the Armor case I had on my iPhone 5 was a true example of engineering brilliance. However at this stage I feel rather let down by Otterbox as you will soon see why!

I have posted previously about the Otterbox Defender but as I had no computer at the time the unboxing gallery was not present. That will change shortly.

I did make a few points though,which I have have the capability of illustrating.

1. The iPhone 5s will fit into a FAKE Otterbox Defender with a full body skin (such as Zagg InvisibleShield, BestSkinsEver, BodyGuardz etc)


2. As you can see this causes extensive watermarking when the skin comes into contact with the build in screen protector in the FAKE Otterbox.

3. This watermarking can be removed by the use of an Anti-Glare or Matt Screen Protector (in this instance I have simply put a matt screen cover over the top of my InvisibleShield)


4. When this is a result of my use of screen shields or not the build in screen cover on the FAKE Otterbox is not great. It is ever so slightly above the screen, which leads to an unresponsive and unpleasant usage of the touch screen, so much so for me that it was actually unbearable. You can see the gap in the image below…


5. Other than that the case offers great protection, however for me any joy in using the phone was gone in the way the screen now operated, or didn’t!

Now here is the big PROBLEM :

I couldn’t use this case, the feel of the outer case was just so poor I had to remove it, to my horror however when I did so I was left with the Otterbox Logo embossed on the back of my phone in a mirror image. Here is the culprit…


As you can see in the rear of the whote back piece the Otterbox logo is present, this for some reason transferred to the back of my phone.

This was the result…


It took me 30 mins of cleaning and scrapping to get rid of it!

Now was it because I had a rear guard on the back of my phone, I doubt it, but thank goodness I did!

It is for this reason and for the first time ever I can not reccomend this Otterbox case in any manner, even if you could tolerate the screen guard and its flex-clicking in order to achieve maximum protection, look at what happens when the case it on, it BRANDS your phone!

The UnBoxing Gallery : FAKE Otterbox Defender for iPhone 5s

 photo P1070477_zpsbd4e521f.jpg photo P1070478_zps294a951b.jpg photo P1070479_zps9042538c.jpg
 photo P1070480_zps6448e595.jpg photo P1070481_zpsd08d8ff9.jpg photo P1070482_zps6c0fdfe1.jpg
 photo P1070483_zps4db17a4e.jpg photo P1070484_zpse1b04dfa.jpg photo P1070485_zps22e40b38.jpg
 photo P1070486_zps0a19d2e5.jpg photo P1070487_zpsdcc4cdc0.jpg photo P1070488_zpsf8caa0ab.jpg
 photo P1070489_zps940ebbfa.jpg photo P1070490_zps9e455fd1.jpg photo P1070491_zpsb14be4e8.jpg
 photo P1070492_zps7e49cc9e.jpg photo P1070493_zps227271bd.jpg photo P1070494_zpsc8407c6c.jpg
 photo P1070495_zpsdac44c98.jpg photo P1070496_zpsd80a43d6.jpg photo P1070497_zps2e5f8d44.jpg
 photo P1070498_zpsf725208a.jpg photo P1070499_zpsddf0f5cf.jpg photo P1070500_zps91e19eae.jpg
 photo P1070501_zps76d80f1c.jpg photo P1070502_zps98bd5891.jpg photo P1070503_zps9bddb426.jpg
 photo P1070504_zps095a580b.jpg photo P1070505_zpsfa22b5c5.jpg photo P1070506_zps0e0df051.jpg
 photo P1070507_zps69e2ec85.jpg photo P1070509_zpsffca0235.jpg photo P1070510_zps5a1de53f.jpg
 photo P1070511_zps669955fc.jpg photo P1070512_zps42e00c11.jpg photo P1070513_zpsa59f9830.jpg

The Damage Picture Again:



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