G-Form Extreme Case for iPhone 5/5s – Unboxing and Review

Having been using my G-Form Case for my iPad since April 2012 and with it still going strong, (although a little dirtier than when it started life) I had a G-Form case ordered and sitting on my desk about 10 days before I even had my iPhone 5s. I had made an enquiry with G-Form to make sure it would fit (which it does) and that order was placed.

I am a huge G-Form fan, the iPad case I use is this one :


I have had my iPad safely homed in it for 18 months and it has been in some strange and wonderful places. The iPad is still absolutely immaculate, the case although the yellow shows up any marks is still 100%, the material is uncreased, unfolded with no scuffs or tears. It is generally in a back pack but I have 100% faith in the job it is doing in there, after all back packs are not generally one of the safest nor more stable places on earth!

It is for these reasons that I decided to entrust my brand spanking new release day iPhone 5s to G-Form.

The case feels tough and strong with the reassuring ‘squigginess’ of the G-Form material. The case has a certain ‘tackiness’ or ‘stickiness’ that means you can put the case on the dash of your car and most of the time it will sit there, however it wouldn’t be as sticky as, for example, a Griffin Survivor. It slips into your pocket and out again with ease, something the pure silicon cases don’t. And it isn’t a dust magnet, so unlike the silicon cases when you put it into your pocket it doesn’t come out as if it has just done an impression of a vacuum in your pocket.

The case is face-safe, in that it has a raised lip sitting above the bezel of the screen, meaning you can place it face down on a desk and the screen won’t touch the desk.

All ports are open and plugging in the official Apple sync charging cable causes no issues, however the official Apple 9 pin to 30 pin connector won’t fit in, you would need the cabled adapter if this was an accessory you relied on.

The camera ports caused me no issues when taking photos, with or without the flash.

The full screen is open so using the Touch-ID fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5s isn’t an issue.

I have a full body Invisible Shield installed on my phone (front, back and sides) and it caused no issues, although make sure you put in the buttons side first, the shield does make the fit a little tighter, but with care the phone will go in without damaging the side parts of the shield. The worst case scenario is you’ll loose the side pieces, most likely the bottom. (As a friend of mine discovered as he took my phone out of the case for a look at it and didn’t put it back in correctly. It simply pushed the bottom of the Invisible Shield off. Not really a problem).

This for me is a great case that offers brilliant drop protection as can be seen in the G-Form videos, after this I dont think any other drop test is relevant.


For me though there are two and a half issues, that would have made this from a great case to a perfect case :

1. The ports are open. Dust, rain, sand, all that sort of stuff is just a disaster for phones. I like to use my phone whilst running for the Nike apps. Just a little moisture in the wrong place and all of a sudden one of those dreaded little water damage indicators changes colour. Try getting anything fixed then! Covered ports or at lease removable port covers should be included with every case.

2. After using it for around 2 weeks I pulled it out of my pocket and one of the top pieces of the G-Form material had started to come out of the casing, I was able to push it back in again and it seems fine. That just concerned me a little, however it has behaved itself since.

The Half Issue : The tiniest edge of the bezel is exposed. I like the bezel to completely covered or completely revealed (much more so the covered option), but on this case I noticed the tiniest edge of the bezel pokes out. I think though that in the interests of fairness I need to take responsibility for this and blame it on the size difference a protective shield makes, distorting the case in a tiny way but enabling a little exposure of the bezel. Hence only the half an issue.

Here is the Unboxing Gallery :

 photo P1070319_zps04d66ad7.jpg photo P1070320_zps9b2296a8.jpg photo P1070321_zps754a5c32.jpg
 photo P1070323_zps799497cd.jpg photo P1070324_zpsb9e4228a.jpg photo P1070326_zps904e5a74.jpg
 photo P1070327_zpse255892b.jpg photo P1070328_zpsd087bd40.jpg photo P1070329_zps4a3701a8.jpg
 photo P1070330_zps49192583.jpg photo P1070331_zps6a051f24.jpg photo P1070332_zps930a5b72.jpg
 photo P1070333_zps4d589840.jpg photo P1070334_zps839b931a.jpg photo P1070335_zps0991904a.jpg
 photo P1070336_zps5d269434.jpg photo P1070337_zpsa58c0cba.jpg photo P1070338_zpse4cc0c9d.jpg
 photo P1070339_zpscc9e817b.jpg photo P1070340_zps78182fa0.jpg photo P1070341_zpsf1f23b63.jpg
 photo P1070342_zps8b8b2f9d.jpg photo P1070343_zpsc4065a57.jpg photo P1070344_zpsa51fe196.jpg
 photo P1070345_zpsabb4f2cc.jpg photo P1070346_zps84332c97.jpg

In conclusion : What we have here is a great case with the miracle G-Form Compound that will take the shock form a 100,000 ft drop! It is the ultimate in drop protection, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for them to produce an Otterbox Armor rival then we would have the waterproofing and full coverage I personally really like, maybe they could test it by running over it in a Challenger Tank in a desert oasis!


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