Acer Aspire One D257 RAM Upgrade

The Acer Aspire One D257 is a capable netbook, but one of the choke points of the system is that it is supplied with 1Gb of RAM, this can be easily upgraded by the user to a maximum of 2Gb and this is one upgrade that I reccommend all users consider.

It is a fairly simple process that can be done without any issues by taking your time and being careful.  It isn’t like your desktop where the RAM upgrade is almost foolproof, here you will need to undone some very delicate clips and leads, my best advice is :

1.  Take your time.

2.  Don’t force anything, if it is isn’t going, it won’t go.

Then my next bit of advice is watch this video, it isn’t mine, but I used it and it is very good and well explained :


From this video you will see that this can be broken down into a number of simple parts…

1.  Buy RAM :

 photo P1060949_zps78c505f4.jpg
 photo P1060950_zps40bd09d0.jpg2.  Take of the battery :

 photo P1060951_zpscaec2919.jpg3.  CAREFULLY unclip the keyboard (remembering the ribbon cable underneath) :

 photo P1060952_zps7914e37f.jpg

 photo P1060953_zps0c57886e.jpg

 photo P1060954_zpse19f3023.jpg

 photo P1060955_zpse24b0c76.jpg

4. Remove the screws from the casing and the then press the door release :

 photo P1060956_zpsd1347d43.jpg

 photo P1060957_zpsf872b86b.jpg

 photo P1060958_zps8cf09c43.jpg

 photo P1060959_zps1e0cf022.jpg

 photo P1060960_zpsb39904a7.jpg

5. Remove the old RAM and install the new 2GB RAM :

 photo P1060961_zpsea99ce27.jpg

6. Put it back together and check all went well :

 photo P1060962_zps6fe9943f.jpg


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