30/11/2013 Today’s Best Bets – Soccer Saturday

I have scoured the internet today and come up with what I think are the four best bets. There is a both teams to score effort returning 50/1 and an accumulator in there returning over 30/1. Two other decent priced accumulators make up today’s four picks!

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29/11/2013 UK Sony Playstation 4 Launch Day : PS4 Mega Pack UnBoxing

Happy PS4 Launch Day!

Here is a quick unboxing gallery of the brand new Sony Playstation 4 :


 photo P1070779_zpse536c3b5.jpg photo P1070781_zpsf57c24c9.jpg photo P1070783_zps85671b64.jpg
 photo P1070784_zpsd6ed2048.jpg photo P1070786_zps03380710.jpg photo P1070787_zpsc2a80b70.jpg
 photo P1070788_zps3ed654d3.jpg photo P1070789_zpsbeac6541.jpg photo P1070791_zps259e5d40.jpg
 photo P1070792_zpsa614cfe6.jpg photo P1070793_zps5468c859.jpg photo P1070794_zps1ac6e443.jpg
 photo P1070795_zps22692b97.jpg photo P1070796_zpsad02dde0.jpg photo P1070797_zpsaafa793b.jpg
 photo P1070798_zpsf757b62e.jpg photo P1070799_zpsa0971e96.jpg photo P1070800_zps7d861b13.jpg
 photo P1070801_zps1d611e22.jpg photo P1070802_zps6eb1a73f.jpg photo P1070803_zpsf01b4dc1.jpg
 photo P1070804_zps50f58aa1.jpg photo P1070805_zpsaa97c3fa.jpg photo P1070806_zpsfb1ce897.jpg
 photo P1070808_zpseb635a43.jpg photo P1070809_zps7e012eca.jpg photo P1070810_zpsa24c4a99.jpg
 photo P1070811_zps47666788.jpg photo P1070812_zpsa1f02bce.jpg photo P1070814_zps2b0cd79e.jpg

Ballistic Smooth Series Case for iPhone 5 / 5s UnBoxing

Just a quick unboxing gallery this evening of the Ballistic Smooth Series Case for the Apple iPhone 5 / 5s.

I have this installed on my iPhone 5s, which also has a full body Zagg Invisible Shield installed on it and as you can see the case still fits. If you are too using a screen guard you will need to be very careful as the case itself is rather tight fitting. It is a plastic case, so unlike a silicon based case it is not very flexible. Care is needed when popping in the last corner as it is easy to lift the screen guard, which happened to me, thankfully it didn’t damage it and the case went ok with a bit of gentle persuasion on my next attempt.

The case comes with a nice feature, namely its bumper corners, they are interchangeable and the case comes with four sets, green, red, white and black.

The case is called Smooth Series and it is for exactly that reason, it is smooth, it slips into your pocket easily. and won’t pull out every piece of dust and lint in your pocket unlike its silicon cousins. The case feels well put together, sturdy and strong, the bumper corner adding a little extra protection.

All ports are open and easily operated, the rocker switch functions easily and well, as do the volume buttons. The Home button is open, which is great for iPhone 5s users and their fingerprint centre. There is no screen protection although the case is desk safe, in that the case is edged and if set down screen first the edging means the screen will be kept clear of the desk.

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