29/11/2013 UK Sony Playstation 4 Launch Day : PS4 Mega Pack UnBoxing

Happy PS4 Launch Day!

Here is a quick unboxing gallery of the brand new Sony Playstation 4 :


 photo P1070779_zpse536c3b5.jpg photo P1070781_zpsf57c24c9.jpg photo P1070783_zps85671b64.jpg
 photo P1070784_zpsd6ed2048.jpg photo P1070786_zps03380710.jpg photo P1070787_zpsc2a80b70.jpg
 photo P1070788_zps3ed654d3.jpg photo P1070789_zpsbeac6541.jpg photo P1070791_zps259e5d40.jpg
 photo P1070792_zpsa614cfe6.jpg photo P1070793_zps5468c859.jpg photo P1070794_zps1ac6e443.jpg
 photo P1070795_zps22692b97.jpg photo P1070796_zpsad02dde0.jpg photo P1070797_zpsaafa793b.jpg
 photo P1070798_zpsf757b62e.jpg photo P1070799_zpsa0971e96.jpg photo P1070800_zps7d861b13.jpg
 photo P1070801_zps1d611e22.jpg photo P1070802_zps6eb1a73f.jpg photo P1070803_zpsf01b4dc1.jpg
 photo P1070804_zps50f58aa1.jpg photo P1070805_zpsaa97c3fa.jpg photo P1070806_zpsfb1ce897.jpg
 photo P1070808_zpseb635a43.jpg photo P1070809_zps7e012eca.jpg photo P1070810_zpsa24c4a99.jpg
 photo P1070811_zps47666788.jpg photo P1070812_zpsa1f02bce.jpg photo P1070814_zps2b0cd79e.jpg


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