Ballistic Smooth Series Case for iPhone 5 / 5s UnBoxing

Just a quick unboxing gallery this evening of the Ballistic Smooth Series Case for the Apple iPhone 5 / 5s.

I have this installed on my iPhone 5s, which also has a full body Zagg Invisible Shield installed on it and as you can see the case still fits. If you are too using a screen guard you will need to be very careful as the case itself is rather tight fitting. It is a plastic case, so unlike a silicon based case it is not very flexible. Care is needed when popping in the last corner as it is easy to lift the screen guard, which happened to me, thankfully it didn’t damage it and the case went ok with a bit of gentle persuasion on my next attempt.

The case comes with a nice feature, namely its bumper corners, they are interchangeable and the case comes with four sets, green, red, white and black.

The case is called Smooth Series and it is for exactly that reason, it is smooth, it slips into your pocket easily. and won’t pull out every piece of dust and lint in your pocket unlike its silicon cousins. The case feels well put together, sturdy and strong, the bumper corner adding a little extra protection.

All ports are open and easily operated, the rocker switch functions easily and well, as do the volume buttons. The Home button is open, which is great for iPhone 5s users and their fingerprint centre. There is no screen protection although the case is desk safe, in that the case is edged and if set down screen first the edging means the screen will be kept clear of the desk.

All in all this is a decent case offering a decent amount of protection (rated to a drop of 15 feet), however it isn’t a rugged case, and offers no screen protection, dust or water protection, although this isn’t the market it is targeting. It is rather subtle and easily slides into your pocket, what it does do brilliantly is give your phone a good level of protection without adding too much bulk.

Ballistic Smooth Series Case UnBoxing Gallery :

 photo P1070750_zps2dd6bf4b.jpg photo P1070751_zpsf7788243.jpg photo P1070752_zps9543e299.jpg
 photo P1070753_zps417527ba.jpg photo P1070754_zps596d5fd8.jpg photo P1070755_zps19fd0be4.jpg

 photo P1070756_zps423d2056.jpg photo P1070757_zpsfda5e5d1.jpg photo P1070758_zps7db40222.jpg
 photo P1070759_zps9a70e385.jpg photo P1070760_zpsfa6ae135.jpg photo P1070762_zps8df4d2de.jpg
 photo P1070764_zps0a36ac0b.jpg photo P1070765_zpsa14059ab.jpg photo P1070766_zpsdf1b7118.jpg
 photo P1070767_zps2572d3f4.jpg photo P1070769_zps06c1877b.jpg photo P1070770_zps46b04db6.jpg

 photo P1070771_zpsbcef680d.jpg photo P1070772_zpsb11c2343.jpg photo P1070773_zps25e25aec.jpg
 photo P1070774_zps2df46886.jpg photo P1070775_zps51af9f76.jpg photo P1070776_zpsc281c583.jpg
 photo P1070777_zps4227681b.jpg photo P1070778_zpse33a1ffd.jpg


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