iPhone 5 / 5s Bear Grylls Action Case UnBoxing

I have always been a fan of the rugged style cases for my phone.  The offer great drop protection and keep the phones in immaculate condition when being used in everyday life.

Whilst out shopping I noticed a ‘Bear Grylls Action Case’ with a nice yellow reduced sticker in a local supermarket.  Reduced is always good and also it was bright orange.  Thats a good way to sell me something – make it available in funky colours.  The case was also available in a range of Camouflage colour options (wood land, DPM, and urban – there may be even more, as well as grey and plain black).

The cases are identified by a large BG logo on the bottom third which to be fair I am not convinced on.  The rest of the case definitely gets my vote on aesthetics, however the big logo is just a little too garish for me.  (Even though it bright orange.)  I mean c’mon does anyone actually want to walk about advertising Bear Grylls?

The important things then, this case feels great, it is a rubber case but some how it isn’t tacky.  It is pretty smooth, it slips into and out of your pocket with ease.  However it still has the features of a rubber case that I like, such as you can set it on your car’s dash and under normal circumstances it won’t move an inch.

It is desk safe, you can put in on the table face down and the lip of the case protects the screen.

It is screen shield friendly.  I have a full body Zagg InvisibleShield on the phone and it fits with no issues whatsoever.

It is rugged.  The corners especially make you have a great amount of faith in this case.  Although it is a rugged case it till somehow feels streamlined.  It is bulky but it doesn’t feel it.  I don’t know how that makes sense but that’s how it is!

The buttons are all responsive, the ports are all accessible, although obviously you will have issues with a fixed dock.  I have big hands and even the silent rocker is easily flipped.

As far as the silicon, rubber style cases go this is easily the most comfortable and still protective one I have used.  In fact the only point I can fault is that huge BG logo.

I will be buying one of the camo ones next!

 photo P1080004_zps94445445.jpg photo P1080005_zpsce787a0d.jpg photo P1080006_zps222de810.jpg
 photo P1080007_zps8d177824.jpg photo P1080008_zps57247713.jpg photo P1080009_zps54eb6ced.jpg
 photo P1080011_zps4d11fb93.jpg photo P1080012_zps27c93ca0.jpg photo P1080013_zpsfb408838.jpg
 photo P1080014_zpsa63346c9.jpg photo P1080015_zpsa887d638.jpg photo P1080016_zps68f056f1.jpg
 photo P1080017_zps5f14ad2a.jpg photo P1080018_zps8cb9af13.jpg photo P1080019_zps30431b9c.jpg
 photo P1080020_zps59f6f385.jpg photo P1080021_zps5183edbe.jpg photo P1080022_zpse2e29df1.jpg
 photo P1080023_zps1165f0c8.jpg photo P1080024_zpscfb3472f.jpg photo P1080025_zps2be585a8.jpg
 photo P1080026_zps1f8bd096.jpg photo P1080027_zpsf012c295.jpg


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