Casio G-Shock GA1009AER UnBoxing

G-Shocks are without doubt one of the hardest, toughest and in my opinion coolest watches in the world.  Couple this with the oversized G-Shock range and the GA-100 series, in my book you are onto a winner every time!

This Christmas I was lucky enough to get another GA-100, bringing my total to 3 (Black, White and now Yellow!).  This time I opened the box to see the bright, and oh so shiny GA-100-9AER staring at me, that product code referring to the yellow model.

This watch is big, vivid and in your face!  If you can’t handle that then this is not the watch nor the range for you.  However for me the fact that this watch is big, vivid and in your face is all part of what makes it so very very cool!

Here is my unboxing gallery :

 photo P1070884_zpsf7fdd2c8.jpg photo P1070885_zpsd5d3a35d.jpg photo P1070886_zpsd4a0cb25.jpg
 photo P1070888_zps86aeee24.jpg photo P1070889_zps7fe45374.jpg photo P1070890_zpsddbf2808.jpg
 photo P1070891_zps151b9957.jpg photo P1070894_zpse3772c98.jpg photo P1070895_zps98c305c0.jpg
 photo P1070896_zpsfb9b4999.jpg photo P1070898_zpse665a6fb.jpg photo P1070899_zps62dfa442.jpg
 photo P1070900_zps1e7022ce.jpg photo P1070901_zps2cfa3cd0.jpg photo P1070902_zps9e2bd240.jpg
 photo P1070903_zpsf5e2f391.jpg photo P1070904_zps65ee6378.jpg photo P1070908_zpsc2643bec.jpg
 photo P1070910_zps82fbeaf6.jpg photo P1070911_zps78bf4527.jpg photo P1070913_zpsd496be4f.jpg
 photo P1070914_zps987e6203.jpg photo P1070915_zps9bf2ed49.jpg photo P1070916_zps4c51975f.jpg
 photo P1070917_zpsa95b0d42.jpg photo P1070918_zps83c87e43.jpg photo P1070921_zpsc19ab0db.jpg
 photo P1070922_zpsc1fe3d62.jpg photo P1070923_zpsf465b4f4.jpgUpdate :

I have now been wearing this watch for almost 2 months, it has been my daily watch since Christmas and has been worn in some strange and crazy circumstances. As you would expect from a G-Shock it remains unmarked, not a scratch. One point worthy of note though is something that I also noticed on my white GA-100 is that the strap stains quite easily and if you look closely almost looks a little grubby.

It seems to be transfer from clothing, and even though I wear it in the shower daily it does not remove easily. However you really only notice then when looking for it closely, to anyone else catching your watch with their eye it will clearly look bright yellow!

You can see what I mean in the photos below:

 photo IMG_4212_zps686b2600.jpg photo IMG_3159_zps0ac441f4.jpg photo IMG_2674_zps311f2a1d.jpgIf you can deal with this then you are onto a winner with this watch, for me it is pretty irrelevant, I get G-Shocks to wear in tough situations and a little staining just tells the stories of where the watch has been, as well as that a replacement strap and bezel is only about £25 from Casio themselves, so wear it and enjoy it!


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